How To Avoid Getting Stuck in Mbarara

It is said that KQ, the Pride of Africa with the exception of a few areas, had President Museveni stuck after failing to pick him from Mbarara. First, who...
Secret Love

He doesn’t know I love him

Uncle Agony dear, I’m secretly in love with this guy. The problem is he doesn’t know it and I’m afraid to let him know because we might lose...
She Wants a Mile

She Wants A Mile

Hi. Erique, your regular agony uncle, is not here this week. He went back to school over the weekend and is currently preoccupied trying to get orientated at Manhattan...
Killers of Marriage

25 Killers of Marriage

Laziness kills marriage Suspicion kills marriage Lack of trust kills marriage Lack of mutual respect kills marriage Unforgiveness kills marriage (Forgiveness is not optional but mandatory) ...
Hate the Game and the Player

Hate the Player and the Game

Ice-T said “Don’t hate the player, hate the game”. Fuck him. I say hate the player and the game. We are a bunch of pathetic fuckers. Teargas...
Valentine Date

A Letter to Nanyonga, My Valentine’s Day Date

Dear, Nanyonga, First off, I am sorry to address you by your biological, ancient, ancestral, mother-tongued name. The other name skipped my mind. Will you allow me call...
How to Win Dates

How To Win in Dates in 12 Steps

This week’s post is brought to you by The Haven Restaurant, Ntinda. In fact it is so brought to you by the Haven Restaurant, Ntinda that is...
My Husband is Broke

My Man Is Making Me Broke

Uncle Agony dear, I met this guy almost a month now, he is a good guy who lives a posh life, he loves material things and he looks...
Stealing from my Boyfriend

My Boyfriend Doesn’t Know I Take Money From Him

Uncle Agony Dear, Ok now I heard you guys call someone a gold digger on the show the other day and I am scared that I may be...

The Expectation : Unrealistic Sexpectation of People

There is a scene in the film 40 Days and 40 Nights in which Josh Hartnett brings Shannyn Sossamon to orgasm with only a flower. This scene is...

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