Kampala Slut

Why Most Good Men End Up Marrying Sluts

These days, women keep complaining that too many Good Guys are ignoring Good Women and marrying "Sluts" instead. Let me muse on this for a while. My take:...
Valentine Date

A Letter to Nanyonga, My Valentine’s Day Date

Dear, Nanyonga, First off, I am sorry to address you by your biological, ancient, ancestral, mother-tongued name. The other name skipped my mind. Will you allow me call...
Killers of Marriage

25 Killers of Marriage

Laziness kills marriage Suspicion kills marriage Lack of trust kills marriage Lack of mutual respect kills marriage Unforgiveness kills marriage (Forgiveness is not optional but mandatory) ...

I Was Misquoted: Minister Lokodo Denies Banning Miniskirts

Last year, Uganda’s Minister of Miniskirts Simon Lokodo told women to stay off miniskirts. This year, we find out that it wasn’t meant in the “don’t wear...
My Husband is Broke

My Man Is Making Me Broke

Uncle Agony dear, I met this guy almost a month now, he is a good guy who lives a posh life, he loves material things and he looks...
Hate the Game and the Player

Hate the Player and the Game

Ice-T said “Don’t hate the player, hate the game”. Fuck him. I say hate the player and the game. We are a bunch of pathetic fuckers. Teargas...
She Flirted with my Workmate

She Flirted With My Workmate

Uncle Agony dear, Recently, I attended an office party with my fiancée where I caught her talking to a workmate in a way I thought was somewhat flirtatious....
Kampala City

The 12-Step Guide: How To Fight For A Taxi And Win

One of the challenges of living in Kampala city today is how to get the hell out of this shit hole at the end of the day. ...
Sexual Fantasies

Fantasizing Without The Cabbage

I was sending flirty texts to a potential lover when he asked me: <So what’s yr fantasy?> (If you’re not the type of person who texts in proper English,...
He Cheated in My Face

I watched him cheat

Uncle Agony dear, Whenever my husband goes out at night to watch a major football match, he doesn’t come back until the next morning claiming it was too...

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