My Husband is Broke

Uncle Agony dear,

I met this guy almost a month now, he is a good guy who lives a posh life, he loves material things and he looks to be loaded. I love this guy, but the problem is, he is always borrowing money from me. Worst is when he wanted 400k and I gave it to him, all he did was pimp his room.

Lately he can’t call me, mbu he is broke, and then he asks for money again. I don’t want to lose this guy, but I want him to stop depending on me. What should I do?

Please advise me.


KK dear,

Love is like a red bucket of roses. It glows red in the dark and…you know what, these things of love sayings and idioms and parables always give me a hard time. So let’s just all calm down and assume I started by saying something sweet to make you feel good about this whole thing.

Now 400k may look like a lot of money at first but when you stare at it properly from another accurately calculated angle, it’s not really that much. The fact that he is kind enough to ask for an amount below one million shillings means he is considerate and such men don’t exist anymore. He is a keeper. You’ll never find a man like that ever again in this world.

And by letting him buy things like that fwaaa, he is helping this economy tremendously. We the citizens of Uganda would like to take this opportunity to officially thank you for what you do for us and our families.