Killers of Marriage
  1. Laziness kills marriage
  2. Suspicion kills marriage
  3. Lack of trust kills marriage
  4. Lack of mutual respect kills marriage
  5. Unforgiveness kills marriage (Forgiveness is not optional but mandatory)
  6. Arguments kills marriage
  7. Keeping secrets from your spouse kills marriage
  8. Every form of infidelity kills marriage (financial, emotional, psychological, material, etc)
  9. Poor communication kills marriage
  10. Lies easily kills marriage, be sincere to your spouse in every aspect.
  11. Relating more with your parents than your spouse kills marriage
  12. Lack of, inadequate or unenjoyable sex kills marriage.
  13. Nagging kills marriage
  14. Too much talk and careless talk kills marriage
  15. Spending less or little time with your spouse kills marriage
  16. Being too independent minded kills marriage
  17. Love for party, money and spending/partying kills marriage
  18. Exposing the inadequacies of your spouse to your parents or siblings kills marriage
  19. Not being steadfast/fervent in the spirit kills not only marriage but your life
  20. Spurning correction and reprimand kills marriage.
  21. Always wearing a sad face and being moody kills marriage.
  22. FEMINISM ADVOCACY kills marriage.
  23. Uncontrolled or hot temperament kills marriage.
  24. Not understanding your role and position in marriage as instituted by God kills marriage.
  25. Not being sensitive to the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of your spouse kills marriage
  26. When anything threatens the position/security of a wife, her reaction(s) will be detrimental to her marriage.
  27. Lack of the knowledge of the word of God kills marriage.