International girlfriend summit starts


Girlfriends and several relationship dignitaries worldwide have converged in Kampala for a 2-week summit that will be hosted at Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort and Serena Hotel by current IGS president, H.E Tracy Kalungi. Speaking at the opening ceremony the IGS head revealed that this year’s main theme of discussion will be “hooking up on Facebook”.

Topics to be covered will range from the worryingly increasing rate of Facebook breakups to the irritating jealous boyfriend tantrums. “We feel there’s an urgent need to extend a helping hand to the underprivileged and suffering girlfriend population in Africa especially considering their boyfriends don’t spend on them much these days. They are afflicted and in dire need of expensive food, more expensive clothes and even more expensive places to stay,” commented United States IGS representative Hailey McAdams.

Another representative from Japan, Kotsuni Kujamawa added that the girlfriend transport sector alone required billions of dollars in funding. “We cannot have our African sisters being taken to dates in things like Ipsums,” she said.

The summit is an annual event hosted in different countries by different heads. The heads serve annual terms and this year’s summit will see the election of a new IGS president.


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