He Doesn't Want Kids

Uncle Agony dear,

I’ve been married for three years but my husband still insists on waiting to have children. At first I understood since he had frequent work trips out of the country and would not be readily available for the kids. But now he got a permanent job in the country and I don’t understand why he doesn’t want kids. What hurts more is he says the reasons are personal. We are in a marriage! What should I do?


Eunice dear,

My guess is he probably entered a time machine, travelled twenty years into the future and found his darling daughter in bed with a ruthless boy from Makerere University watching one of those disrespectful Spanish soap operas. You have no idea what it feels like to look at a boy anxiously crossing his fingers and wishing Salvador would just kiss Maria Teresa. It’s emotionally undignified and now he future-hates his daughter for subjecting him to the torture. You must understand him. Give him a crying shoulder even.