Please wear condoms, church asks mosquitoes


In a bid to combat the ever-increasing rate of malaria, the church of Uganda has asked mosquitoes in East Africa to be responsible in the way they bite or risk spreading the plasmodium virus, a deadly parasitic protozoan. The call comes in line with the ABC system that was suggested in a meeting with the Mosquito Union that took place earlier this year in Nairobi.

The ABC system calls for abstinence from live biting, faithfulness to one bite victim at a time, and then the use of condoms if the mosquito really had to bite. “The condom makes sure that the plasmodium virus thingy does not spread to other mosquitoes therefore making it safe for other mosquitoes that engage in biting intercourse. Please have safe bites or risk pushing the mosquito race into extinction,” concerned Archbishop Henry Luke Orombi said.

He also cautioned the general mosquito population that failure to heed to the advice would affect future mosquito generations many years to come. “You will find that the bigger population of future nymphs will be plasmodium positive which will lead to many deaths especially considering the alarmingly low rate of ARVs. Also, the cruel people population will start to incessantly use mosquito nets, a vice that will cause serious friction with the mosquito population. And yet we need to live in harmony.”

Orombi pledged continued support and called upon all Christian mosquitoes to support and encourage their brothers and sisters to act like responsible members of society


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