Study: Breast milk comes from breasts


A study carried out by the Ministry of Health yesterday revealed that breast milk actually comes from women’s breasts. The shocking discovery alters previous theories in Uganda that said that breast milk was self-produced in a newborn’s mouth.

Other previous theories indicated that breast milk was generated by old lactose-intolerant refrigerators while some populations especially in Eastern Uganda believed that it came from the forest gods of milk. The MOH study was carried out by top scientists in East Africa who mostly used Google to carry out their research.

Head scientist and researcher, Dr. Dickson Kasapatu explained that the research came with several challenges and setbacks. “We went around suckling different women’s breasts. We went to brothels, hired women off the streets and even suckled breasts of some of the hot female researchers on our team but they all didn’t produce milk. It was really frustrating until we visited some breastfeeding mothers in Western Uganda and found that the theory was true”.

A total of over Shs. 220million was dedicated to the MOH breast milk research, most of which was spent on paying the test subjects.


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