Alternatives To Exercise


I know we are all under the impression that we’ll drop dead in the street one day if we don’t exercise regularly. And as scary as this is, we still don’t hit the treadmill as often as we should. Exercising seems like a lot of work. I’ve hounded all my friends that eventually turned into medicine men and women to find out what the alternatives to exercise are. Today, I present to you World Healthy Organisation (WHyO) tips on how else you can be fit without breaking a sweat.

Staring at the wall

Staring at a wall for long periods of time, especially white walls with polka-dots, has the effect of working out your eyeballs and improving your eye sight. People with 20-20 vision have been known to spend several hours counting the number of polka-dots on white walls.


An occasionally well-channeled yell can work so many muscles of yours to the extent that you won’t need to go to the gym. For one, the veins in your neck pop out, your eyeballs flare, you perspire, your teeth clench, your nostrils wheeze and your forehead breaks into a sweat. All these are vital signs of a good work out.


When done with a lot of pre-meditation and using the time-tested technique made famous by Himalayan explorer Gregory Specta, breathing has been shown to be amazing exercise.


When typing on a keyboard really super fast, you are exercising your pectoralis major. This muscle, located just below the elbow, is very critical because it is what the brain signals whenever your partner asks “Do I look fat in these jeans?”

Depending on how well you’ve been exercising your pectoralis major, your answer could be range from

(For well-exercised muscles) “Umm, compared to what?”

to (for poorly-exercised muscles) “Can you even breathe?”


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