Women's Day

Today, the eight of March in every year is the day we celebrate as International Women’s Day. It is on this day that we remember the invention of the woman so many years ago.

Since women were first introduced into society, they have become an invaluable and integral part of our lives and it is only fitting that we celebrate them with a public holiday.

The modern woman who you see today is the culmination of centuries of upgrades (known as “rights”) which have transformed the state of womanhood drastically. Initially women were mostly labour-saving devices which tilled the land and cooked the hunted food and also served to generate babies which were used to re-supply society with men.
However, due to the application of rights and the discovery by science that women have brains too, we have been able to exploit women intellectually as well as physically to the general betterment of society.

The advancement of women has brought great benefits not only to women but to society at large. Even today we have such paragons of excellence in their chosen fields as Hillary Rodham Clinton, Madeline Albright, Condoleezza Rice and other powerful women who are not in from the US government!

Unfortunately the struggle is far from complete. There is still a long way to go. We need to destroy the enemies of women’s emancipation. By that I mean, seriously women, Paris Hilton is not doing anyone any favours. Just remove her from women. She’s embarrassing all of you.

On a more local front, there are many chicks who you see and think, “This one is a waste of rights. She should shut up and go back to the village to peel potatoes for the rest of her life.” Many examples of such chicks can be found faking accents on radio.

Those are my thoughts on Women’s Day. Happy Women everybody!