Please Love Me

I’m Desperate For His Love

Uncle Agony dear, I have this boyfriend and we have had a relationship for two years. I Iove him so much! I have never met him face to...
Kampala City

The 12-Step Guide: How To Fight For A Taxi And Win

One of the challenges of living in Kampala city today is how to get the hell out of this shit hole at the end of the day. ...
My Ex Want Me Back

My Ex Wants Us To Get Back Together

Uncle Agony dear, I parted ways with my ex about two years ago coz she fell in love with someone else. About a month after our breakup I...
How to Win Dates

How To Win in Dates in 12 Steps

This week’s post is brought to you by The Haven Restaurant, Ntinda. In fact it is so brought to you by the Haven Restaurant, Ntinda that is...
He Doesn't Want Kids

He doesn’t want kids

Uncle Agony dear, I’ve been married for three years but my husband still insists on waiting to have children. At first I understood since he had frequent work...
Girl on Girl Fight

Girl On Girl Violence

There comes a time in every young woman’s life when she must grab a bitch by the synthetic ponytail, hold her wailing head steady, and punch her...
He Cheated in My Face

I watched him cheat

Uncle Agony dear, Whenever my husband goes out at night to watch a major football match, he doesn’t come back until the next morning claiming it was too...
My Husband is Broke

My Man Is Making Me Broke

Uncle Agony dear, I met this guy almost a month now, he is a good guy who lives a posh life, he loves material things and he looks...
I Don't Lik Her

I don’t like doing it with her

Uncle Agony dear, My wife is addicted to sex. That’s not the problem. The problem is I am addicted to pornography instead. I no longer enjoy having sex...
Cheating Manual

Cheaters Manual – How to Cover Your Tracks

Okay, so I’m back again writing. I don’t know why I’m doing this because I know I will get a lot of grief from guys asking me...

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