Girl on Girl Fight

Girl On Girl Violence

There comes a time in every young woman’s life when she must grab a bitch by the synthetic ponytail, hold her wailing head steady, and punch her...
The Beat Goes On

The Beat Goes On

This guy had just told a joke and Stella was mid-laugh, her mouth frozen open in a snapshot when she saw something across the bar. Excusing herself from...
UMEME Uganda Sucks

UMEME Romance

That Sunday, escaping the chokingly dull atmosphere at lunch with the relas, Trish had gone to watch her cousin play football. It was there that she slowly...
Cheating Manual

Cheaters Manual – How to Cover Your Tracks

Okay, so I’m back again writing. I don’t know why I’m doing this because I know I will get a lot of grief from guys asking me...
Stealing from my Boyfriend

My Boyfriend Doesn’t Know I Take Money From Him

Uncle Agony Dear, Ok now I heard you guys call someone a gold digger on the show the other day and I am scared that I may be...
Secret Love

He doesn’t know I love him

Uncle Agony dear, I’m secretly in love with this guy. The problem is he doesn’t know it and I’m afraid to let him know because we might lose...

Top 10 Awesome Places to Have a Wedding in Uganda

We know that many of you are recently engaged or planning to have that romantic proposal! This means that plans for your wedding are underway and you...
Shy Dude

A Story About A Dude Who Could Not Say Hi To A Hot Babe

I am at this famous Indian video library on William Street buying bootleg versions of Modern Family after such a long, hard and hectic day. I am...
How to Win Dates

How To Win in Dates in 12 Steps

This week’s post is brought to you by The Haven Restaurant, Ntinda. In fact it is so brought to you by the Haven Restaurant, Ntinda that is...
Assaulted in Office at Makerere

Sex And The UniverCITY; A Campuser’s Diary

Dear diary, I have come to you in my darkest hour because if I go to the internet, it may leak like that sex tape everyone is talking...

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