Voting went on smoothly in most parts of the United States of America; however there was rampant delay in the delivery of voting equipment in the areas predominantly occupied by white people like Alabama and Alaska. In the areas occupied by the black people like Mississippi, Louisiana and Georgia, voting equipment arrived on time and it went on very smoothly ending in time.

Obama is contesting for his third term after lifting the constitution in America that limits presidents to only two terms. All countries in Africa are pretty much upset with this arrangement and are planning to impose bans on America. African Union is the most furious.

They had sent a team of Election observers to America and they realized that America is far from having free and fair elections. They decry the fact that Obama kept arresting Trump before, in the process and after the elections. They are calling for the results to be publicly declared and everyone in Africa supports this as they are the super powers and super powers always need answers.

While declaring the results, the states of Alabama and Alaska and over 15 predominantly white states weren’t included in the tally as the results hadn’t reached the Electoral commission of America. Speaking to a team of journalists and observers, the Chairperson of the commission said “The results wouldn’t change anything anyway. Obama would still be president”.

FBI and CIA are surrounding both the home of Trump and the Republican Offices. All the Republican agents and governors are being arrested and no one knows where they are. Journalists Christiane Amanpour and Richard Quest were arrested while reporting live for CNN by teams of FBI. They later released them but they haven’t been charged with any offence.

While in prison without any charge, Trump said, “I don’t see why I am being arrested by that black man. Has he forgotten his history? This is why I don’t like immigrants. They over stay their welcome.

I can’t believe that it’s him now arresting me, the white man. All because he wants to hang onto power!”

Trump continues to face house arrest and can’t access his lawyers let alone petition the election legally as the days are slowly ending. Teams from the African Union have visited him and also the Asian Embassy delegates have gone to his home to forge away forward in America.

The only Independent candidate Clinton, however, in a twist of events was able, through her lawyers to hand in their petition in time and Trump hopes to have talks with her team and forge a way forward.

That is where I had reached with my dream when a rat gnawing at my feet woke me up. I realized my American dream was far from a reality and I was dreaming in Africa, the continent, like my room so dark that night brought the harsh reality to my brain like a stench hits the nose.

What if Africa switched places with America for a day anyway!