We Have Found Gaddafi

Yesterday we set up a satellite feed in Libya. And now… Drum roll …we are proud to be the first to unleash Uncle Gaddy’s hideout…. But because we like you...

Everybody Is Addicted To Eating

And this addiction is extreme. You may suffer violent withdrawal symptoms if you go for a few days without your more conventional addiction, for example to Luga...
Osama Bin Laden Killed

Hating on a dead chap. THEY STARTED IT!!

Osama bin Laden(may he rest in fishes) passed away last week. You have heard of this I am sure. There are other rumours though, all sorts of rumours...
Walk to Work

Walk To Work: A Legendary Live Review

8:00 a.m. Good morning (pant) Uganda. Sleek here. Did you (pant) walk to work? (pant) Did you? (pant). I didn’t. My housemate has one of those oil guzzlers ...
Ugandan Ministers

Kuteesa, Nasasira & Rukutana Resign. Meanwhile At Kuteesa’s House…

It’s 9.06am and Foreign Affairs minister Sam Kutesa is seated alone in the living room caressing a bottle of oil, when Government Chief Whip John Nasasira walks...
Besigye Arrest

The Walk To Work: Arrested For Walking Under The Influence Of Legs

Yesterday was walk to work day. For those who still don’t know what that was all about, it means girls were supposed to walk to work naked and...
Chickens Call Truce

Chickens Call Truce With Humans

After thousands of years of a longstanding battle that has led to bloodshed accruing to the loss of countless chicken lives, the African chicken community has finally...
Human Skeleton

Dead Body Survives Week Without Food

Reports just in indicate that a dead body stranded under a collapsed city building has finally come out alive after the grueling ordeal. The body was rescued...

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