Museveni Finally Hands Over Power

Museveni Yoweri Kaguta

After a successful age-limit campaign pressure from Ugandans to the NRM government president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has finally agreed to hand over power.

This happened yesterday at State House Entebbe at around mid-day while the president was moving out for work shortly after reviewing the results from different parts of the country were members of parliament had carried out consultations with majority showing that Ugandans don’t support the anti-age lifting bill tabled by Hon. Magyezi.

As Museveni was entering his car, he saw his bodyguard holding a gadget of which he (Museveni) has never seen before, the president then moved closer & had to ask the bodyguard to tell him what is the purpose of that gadget and why is at State House. The bodyguard told the president that the gadget he was holding is an electrified equipment which can charge phones & store power even when electricity goes off.

Museveni surprisingly held the gadget and jokingly said all such has been introduced by the NRM government and he really wonders why Ugandans still want him out. He then agreed to hand over the power bank to the bodyguard and entered his car to get on his daily activities.


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