Daniel Omara of Stand Up Uganda and Mic Check and also of Comedy Night fame, is now, in addition to all of this, Daniel Omara of The Hostel fame. This week we swaggerjack the idea of interviewing comedic actors from a site like Cnn.com and asked him a few questions.

Urban Legend: Mr Omara, long time. Congratulations on moving up in the world and becoming a huge star. Even my mom watches and laughs, so  I kind of oversell the extent of our acquaintance and tell her that you regularly lend me money. It’s the only way I can get props like that.

Omara Daniel Pkwiiyulli: Interesting that are families have such keen interest in their decendants’ lives. My Grand Ma’s been a fan of yours (even on Facebook), so am I… by inheritance.

ULK: First question: You act as a student in The Hostel. But we have it on authority that before you became a stand up comedy star, you, Daniel Omara, were a school teacher. Are these malicious rumours and did you give kids kiboko mob and was it fun giving kiboko?

ODP: I was doing my teaching practice by then. Yes, it was lots of fun giving Kiboko… but not to students, only adult females. Out of school of course.

ULK: So you were one of those comedy studs we hear about. They say it’s possible to joke a woman into bed. You just say things and she laughs and laughs and laughs and next thing she is crawling out of your bed to make breakfast for you and your kids. Is this true in your experience?

DOP: I try to be modest but… YEAH! (Except for the part about kids). Truth is, women love men who make them happy, though sometimes plain good old perversion is mistaken for comedy, so evil intent is masked by the fact that she thinks “You wouldn’t dare!” Humour’s an aphrodisiac. That’s why most men bring their women to comedy night: so we can do the amusement part for them. The rest is gravy.

The Legends: Speaking of comedy night, you guys are filthy rich now. How lucrative is comedy? Rumour I am going to start says comedy night niggas own half the land that side of Bbunga.


Mr. Omara: And I won’t stop you. Anything can sell well if packaged well, and I think that’s our advantage: a new brand. But then again, comedy, like women, has its periods. January’s usually a crappy month… for everyone. And then there’s the occasional bombing here and there, and we have to wait for people to overcome their fear of crowded places. But we love what we do!


Question: You must also love Kitty. The lust in your eyes is very real. Or you are a very very good actor. Let’s talk about the Hostel. How did that come about? You were just walking and then Conrad Nkuttu says, “Dude, come and act on my show first.”?

Daniel: I do love Kitty (in both worlds), and about being the good actor… well, your words not mine. Thanks. I was called for the audition, and I just so happened to look and sound like “an Odoch”. Still not sure if that was a compliment.

Q: The character you play is complex. Is Odoch a good guy or a bad guy?

Odoch: Odoch is a complex dude with a funny way of expressing things- especially love. About his stand in the cosmos… I wouldn’t want to spoil the story for you. Keep watching!

In conclusion: Well, for now us guys we are going to go and watch the show, because we love Kitty too. I actually missed the one on Saturday and I need to find out what the deal is with Arach and Sober.

Say hi to Kitty for me if you are not the jealous type./