Ffene - Jackfruit in Uganda

Live The Good Life, Live Ffene!: PART 1

Ffene, the African Jackfruit (Artokifenesis heterosmellus) is our one of the nations most celebrated fruits. Si ndio? It grows everywhere, watching with a benevolent eye as we conduct...
Ugandan Ffene

The Ffene Series Part III: Cross-Species Heartbreak, Johanssens and being on-TV

There are many times when the only thing standing between you and peace of mind is this blank computer screen; wide as the Red Sea and unbargainable-with...
Eating Ffene

FFENE SERIES Part2: UMEME, Bad Black and Phone Kinkinesses

Hello, Streetsider here. When I set out to write this article. I had a mission and an object. OBJECT: An article, 500 words approx. MISSION: To write a Top Ten...
Happy Women Day

Women’s Day Special: The Greatest & Worst Women Alive

It was on March 8 60,000 BC that God created the first woman and that is why we take this day off each year to reflect on...
Sharon Nalukenge

Exclusive Interview With Sharon O Nalukenge from Big Brother Amplified

You are used to me doing real interviews these days. For example, the other day I interviewed Enygma. Then I interviewed Daniel Omara aka Odoch Jasper aka...

Daniel Omara, the Hostel’s Odoch, on Kitty, Kiboko and Comedy

Daniel Omara of Stand Up Uganda and Mic Check and also of Comedy Night fame, is now, in addition to all of this, Daniel Omara of The...
Enygma Ugandan Rapper

Answer Me This: Enygma on Competition Is Dead, rapping, and Outer Space

Enygma is fast-growing in reputation to be one of Kampala’s favourite rappers, even though we don’t really know what he looks like. The man always performs with...

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