Fang Fang Restaurant


Hot, cheesy spicy and filling if you eat it early. If you wait for it to cool then, like all pizza it becomes, well, just pizza.

9: CHIPS & CHICKEN by I Feel Like Chicken Tonight

The problem with Chicken is that they have only two legs. We should invent chicken with six legs. We don’t need wings.

8: CHIPS & LIVER by Bon Apetit

Endless amusement can be got by telling the waitress you want “Chipsy River” and making her repeat your order.

7: DOGGY BAGS by Javas

It won’t taste as good when you get home, though. That’s why it’s called a doggy bag.

6: MUWOGO by Mama Baby

Fresh from the pan, fried right there on a Sunday morning. Your hangover loves you.

5: CHINESE by Fang Fang

A doggy bag which performs much better in microwave ovens.

4: ROLEX by Munna

Quick and filling and cheap. Diarrhoea at no extra cost.

3: LEFTOVERS by The Kwanjula/Family Function

First of all, it’s a miracle that there was anything left over. Your mom is sharp. She got some and kept for you.

2: TV CHICKEN by Ntinda

Also called Tololating chicken because it kutololas in the glass-fronted grill. Most delicious thing ever.

1: OBAMA ROLEX by Sula (Feat. One more chapatti)

There’s Obama in the mix. What else do you want?