Spur Steak Ranches

Of Restaurants: Spur Steak Ranches

First of all, they are outside countries’ people. And you said something akin to outside countries’ people and things being responsible for the increased disappearance of money...
Fang Fang Restaurant

Top 10 Takeaways in Kampala

10: PIZZA MARGHERITA by Dominos Hot, cheesy spicy and filling if you eat it early. If you wait for it to cool then, like all pizza it becomes,...
Ugandan Rolex

Interview With The 15k Rolex, What Makes It So Special?

Recently CNN did a piece on the number one economic activity for the Basoga as well as the staple food for campusers, bachelors, bachelorettes, corporates, born-again, musicians,...
The Ugandan Rolex

The Origin Of The Rolex

One wise man once said, “Spain is not Uganda. Because in Uganda, Rolex is not a watch” I find loads of truth in this sentence… well, apart...

8 Most Popular and Unique Ugandan Food

You can never go hungry out of your cravings while in Uganda. Uganda has a variety of food specialties and drinks from Indian to Italian cuisines not...
Ffene - Jackfruit in Uganda

Live The Good Life, Live Ffene!: PART 1

Ffene, the African Jackfruit (Artokifenesis heterosmellus) is our one of the nations most celebrated fruits. Si ndio? It grows everywhere, watching with a benevolent eye as we conduct...

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