Who Or What Is A Denso?


This would have been one hell of a diary room session, though

 The one they call Denzel?

They can call him what they want. We call him Denso.

Tell us more about him. 

Denso is the latest fellow to join the list of men and women who answer to the title of “Former Ugandan Big Brother Housemate”. He joins names such as Gaetano, Sharon O, um…, thingy, gundi, so-and-so, oli, Frobisha Lwanga I think (I don’t remember clearly) and Sharon O’s legs cos they are so nice, you gotta count them twice.

What is Big Brother?

It’s a gripping, entertaining, addictive TV show where the continent’s bravest, smartest, most daring youths compete for supremacy to find out who is the best African of that year. Or that is what you would assume given all the hype. If you watch it as if looks like sociopaths locked up under surveillance so we can watch them come slowly undone.

What did Denso do?

He gave bellybutton cunnilingus, farted, gave massages and danced as if the farts were trying to get back in.

What didn’t he do?

Wear clothes.


I think he was trying to represent the plight of the impoverished African child who has inadequate access to food, clothing and shelter. At least to represent a third of that plight.

What else didn’t he do?


Heh heh.

I couldn’t resist.

So who is left in this Big Brother?

From what I can see, Usha from Mali, Rob Pilatus and Zari’s Windows Vista boyfriend.

Wait. Rob Pilatus? From Milli Vanilli?

Yup. He’s South African now.

I thought South Africans were supposed to be good at music.

Heh heh. You couldn’t resist either?

No, I couldn’t. Now the Zari commection?

Yeah. I am not sure which one is him, but one of them is the dude Zari balled when she had split up with her husband before he bought a Lambo and reconciliation occurred.

Are you going to give us regular updates on him?

They won’t be regular, and I wouldn’t trust them if I were you.

Imagine Big Brother trying to evict THIS Denzel


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