This is a review by our resident hip hop expert (who happens to not be a very good one) on the leading MCees in the game as far as the UG scene is concerned.

Word B!

Let it therefore be known that this is not meant to be an authoritative article. This shit won’t be quoted in the Source.


There will be some mad props flying about in this fucker-of-a-mother (God rest her soul). Bear with us. These are just jokes. However, should y’all be so moved by the Holy Spirit of Hip Hop to bless us with Cristal and bitches, we shall accept them with much thanks… all the while praying that aforesaid bitches are STD free.

Thass Wassup Cuz!!

There will also be some dissing. We repeat, these are jokes, bear with us. We know how y’all roll. We don’t want niggas jumping us in the club, popping caps in our asses. We have individually conferred with each of our asses and the jury is back with a report that; NO… our asses are not overly attracted to caps of any sort.

Ayo, gotta pause dat!

Without further ado, I present to you, IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER The Urban Legend Top Top Ten illest, lyric spittin, mystic bewitchin’ beef grillin’, and juice squeezin’ MCees in the game…

Enygma AKA the punch-line king.
They say his rhymes torture the microphone in the booth. Basically other Mcees come into the booth and find a lump of molten metal wishing it was still a microphone…
Even Enygma doesn’t know who Enygma is. When he is brushing his teeth in the morning, instead of a reflection in the mirror, all he sees is a question mark dancing back at him.

Mun G aka Kyabo too G!
Better known as the secret lover of half the babes on Campus; Mun G is a new but powerful force on the Hip Hop Scene. His treatment of pop culture and witty rhymes has put him in his own league.
They say his fingernail clippings and bottled breath raise impressive prices in the halls of Mary Stuart and Africa.

Babaluku Aka Cool Baba.

The Wise Old Man of Ug Hip Hop, he radiates positivity and a social conscious vibe. Through his Bavubuka Community, he has inspired many young bloods to put aside their destructive lifestyles and think about their future.

it is said that at night, his dreadlocks come to life and start conversing amongst each other.

Keko (AKA Kay…full stop… Ko)
We have seen her rise to the spot of hottest MC on the scene in 2011. She has also won a slew of awards including a Channel O Award.
The reason the Swag Queen has so much favor can be traced back to her Mary Hill days. Keko (then Jocelyn Tracey) would freestyle prayers in the chapel to the great outrage of the School Chaplain and the great enjoyment of Jesus Christ in person. Ever since then JC has had her back.

JB AKA J-Baller
Is a rapper with a special gift. When he spits the sky splits open releasing winged demons blasting icy breath and flashing eyes red hot with fury.
The secret is the goatee. The goatee is where all his rap mojo lives. The goatee is indestructible. Scissors, garden shears, graders, grenades… the goatee doesn’t want to know. All those looking to take down JB; you know where to start.

GNL AKA Soda Ginger Ale
GNL has been a trendsetter from the start. His unique style has created a comfortable balance between Hip Hop Swag and African wisdom,
Hnmmmm… For some reason I can’t think of any dissy things to say about GNL. His witchdoctors are really doing a good job.

The Mith AKA Confetti Tom
. People call him a beast and with good reason. He is half walrus and half grizzly bear (So it says on his passport). He has reigned on the Hip Hop scene for forever and he doesn’t seem to be about to throw away his book of rhymes.
His aversion to wack mcees is famous. He used to murder them with rhymes but of late he doesn’t even bother. He just sits on them. Mbu squashing beef.

 Navio AKA Bad Boy from Rubaga
At childbirth, the first thing he did was cough in a baritone. Ever since then the famous baritone has been Uganda’s favorite ambassador all over the globe bringing in accolades for UG and UG HipHop. Go Navio.
Navio is also known as the first mainstream MC to take the bold step of tapping into our local culture. Though his first collabo “I Snatch da Millet” feat. Kintu and Walumbe didn’t do so well, he has since proved to be a master in that particular niche of the art form.

Eddie Atlas AKA da African

Boasting an impressive flow this fairly new MC isn’t one to play with. He also has undeniable street cred; having done tracks with Kool G Rap, Nipsey Hussle, Memphis Bleek and Havoc of Mobb Deep .

he has a new album coming out. This is going to be his album art.

You saw it here first!!

Yoweri “Kags” Kaguta. AKA El Monsignor, AKA the Excellent One
The master of the game. the greatest to ever bust a cap, drop a sweet punchline, the Lord of swagga, El Monsignor himself… He has made it in the industry with only one hit.  We are made to understand that his debut album, Another Other Rap; drops sometime in 2016.

Catch some of these legendary Mcees (Navio, Jb,the Mith, Keko) as well as a host of other international artists(Madd Traxx, P Unit, Patrobas etc) at East African Explosion on the 16th of December at Garden City. Its the only way to say goodbye to 2011.

Be there.

Annnnnd that is that, we are out, Mr Obeezy sir, any last words?

Ayo, Peace in the Middle East, Word is Bond.