The Hostel Movie Kampala

Previously on the Hostel

We don’t know, but we believe that Besigye will be back by seven thirty this evening. If he doesn’t stop along the way for a snack, then...
Upcoming Movies

Upcoming Movie Releases for 2015 That Probably Won’t

You’re right. It might not fit…. Following the uproar wrought by the 50 Shades of Grey movie (and the uprooting of carrots and cucumbers), the logical thing to...
The Sejjusa Letter

Movie Of The Month | The Letter

In a dystopian future in a city filled with writing pads, one man dares to put paper to pen setting in motion a chain of events that...

Underworld: The City Needs A Savior

It’s 2012 and a beautiful but deadly KCCA vampire rises to defend a chaotic city that is entrenched in a war between good and evil. With opposition...
The Lion King

Movies In Seconds: The Lion King

The Lion King is a Disney cartoon about the political struggles in African nations. It stars popular African actors in various roles. The cast includes: Isaac Kuddzu...

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