Desire Luzinda

Hold on so many of you still think Desire is still that BAD GIRL? Then you are wrong. This time round is not what you think or what you expected. Desire Luzinda has just released her much anticipated video ‘EBYAMA’ and she had a piece of advice for you too “EBYAMA Video is Finally out with that unique touch.

In this song, the naughty singer gives advice to lovers on how to manage their ‘love secrets’ something that his Nigerian Ex lover failed to keep.

The song has received mixed reactions. Some people think that this is a comeback song after her recently leaked nudes. The song is a true story relating to the leaked nudes of videos and pictures of the bootylicious singer that were released by his Nigerian Ex Boyfriend.

Sadists believe the singer leaked her nudes to promote this so much awaited song. However we think this is one of the urban legends that Ugandans can call ekiboozi!

From our Urban News Desk, we wish you a HAPPY NEW 2015. We should learn to keep secrets in life.”

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