Our paps who sneaked to the rehearsals of the forthcoming Bobi and Chameleone concert code named 10 year music revolution reveal that the two musicians have decided to surprise their fans and revelers for the forthcoming show whereby each will perform the other’s 10 songs. Meanwhile, this new project has already rankled Singer Bebe Cool who
had started mending his relationship with Chameleone.

So far word reaching us from Bebe Cool camp alleges that the main gist of this concert is not music revolution but Chameleone has failed to come up with a new album for 2011 to meet his usual January launch.  It has been a norm that every early January Chameleone launches a new album but this time he ended the year without some new hits  except the two duets he has with the upcoming musician Papa Cidy. Meanwhile we don’t know whether Chameleone will take that notion lightly so just watch the space