Spice Diana - Kwata Wano Lyrics

Kwata Wano By Spice Diana Lyrics

Allow me to hug you now Allow me to hold you now Allow me to touch you right Allow me allow me Allow me to hug you now Allow me to hold...

Semyekozo by Eddy Kenzo Lyrics

kenzo…..ye muliwa ba semyekozo abakolamu obulamu bunyuma bwoba nga wakolamu silina biseera nze ngenda eh yi ekindeese kwekubusa abo oye ebigambo tebigula matta atalina sente erindaazi talifumita ebintu bya buseere make up n’ebizigo bya...
Baloope by Chosen Becky

Baloope by Chosen Becky Lyrics

eh eh hey hey chosen becky eeeeeh mukwano yegwe gwendowooza day by day nsibye mu kasaati ko nga nkambadde jangu jangu ewange ouuhh ani akulimba nti mwegomba ah oyo anakuvirako okunesamba baleke baveeko...
Single by Weasel and Amalon

Single By Weasel and Amalon Lyrics

Amalon Weasel now we rolling made beats goodlyfe we rolling fire fire burn now we burning (made beats on the beat) bulibongo zawe yo di best nyemerera mfate kuri...
Forest Whitaker

Hollywood Star Forest Whitaker Impressed by Uganda’s Nature

Hollywood Star Forest Whitaker has been impressed by his second stay in Uganda. This follows the American Actor and Film Director’s recent touristic visit to Uganda to...

Top 6 Ugandan Celebrity Scandals that Rocked 2018

The year 2018 is finally gone and now five days back. It was a year of many firsts in Uganda’s entertainment industry. It saw a number of...
Ugandan Ffene

The Ffene Series Part III: Cross-Species Heartbreak, Johanssens and being on-TV

There are many times when the only thing standing between you and peace of mind is this blank computer screen; wide as the Red Sea and unbargainable-with...
Shy Dude

A Story About A Dude Who Could Not Say Hi To A Hot Babe

I am at this famous Indian video library on William Street buying bootleg versions of Modern Family after such a long, hard and hectic day. I am...
The Hostel Movie Kampala

Previously on the Hostel

We don’t know, but we believe that Besigye will be back by seven thirty this evening. If he doesn’t stop along the way for a snack, then...
Dizzy Nuts

Singer Dizzy Nuts is DEAD

SAD NEWS: Singer Dizzy Nuts Galiwango is DEAD. He has been knocked dead at Kireka. According to the eyewitness Ssaka Mwebe, the Manager Victoria Club, after knocking Dizzy,...

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