For the rest of Africa except South Africa.

Big Brother Africa:
Burtrim Fortune from South Africa sums it up by saying “…Can u believe the host country and 90% of the ppl dnt give a Sh2t….”. Does it surprise you folks?

Remember how we shouted our voices hoarse and knickers got twisted in knots during BBA 1, and South Africans kept wondering what the fuss was all about?

The renowned Tashi Tag newsletter a South African based one was the only media that showed great interest, and I remember recieving a call from them after CHANNEL 4 news UK got interested in our Gaetano…

…see, it’s a fuzzy world when the UK TV channel calls SA for news about a Ugandan. Thank God, Tashi was interested in Big Brother but she kindly gave the UK chaps my contacts, and for all the days Gaetano was in the UK Big Brother house… I benefited from a LIVE CALL IN (complete with my wee faced picture) giving daily updates to the UK based station…

Yes, only Tashi and perhaps the crew in Randburg were that interested.

I will put it to them (…and yes, you) that a Vuvuzela is probably more appealing to SA folks than Big Brother Africa.

Burtrim, the hard cold truth is….BBA has never been that BIG in SA, make no mistake Big Brother South Africa is bigger to them in comparison…

The same can be said for Big Brother Nigeria to Nigerians.

Endemol has a balancing act to do to keep the populous Nigeria and “hitech” SA interested, by making Randburg house the event…and Nigerian IK the new BBA host… a hoard of Nigerians will forget FUFU to see IK. That’s good for ratings, and for advertisng.

Now to the sad bit. Most SA chaps think it’s a bush out there (rest of Africa). Yes… A South African pal of mine flew over and the first thing he said was… ‘Ooooh…you have cell phones in Uganda”.


And I’ve had many similar unfortunate views from South Africans, so many it doesn’t surprise me that what thrills the rest of Africa is getting no reviews in the host country.

In the space provided by that unblinking official silence, is it any wonder that strange murmurs have arisen to fill the void?

And surprisingly while other Africans vehemently support their own, these chaps do the opposite… taking it out on their own housemates… ask Abby, Lerato and Thami; Okay, Thamis was attributed to that “hyena-like laugh” …me thinks.

As long as they delude ourselves and blow sunshine up their own…you know where, remaining blissfully unaware of how the rest of the Africa sees them, they might as well just seal off their borders and build a giant dome over the nation…and organize Big Bubba Sparks.

… for the few South Africans who genuinely love Big Brother Africa, this might sound too generic or even offensive, but someone had to say it.

Who else…? I say as I like.

I mean ask anyone, who doesn’t know that Kenyans are loud mouths? You should have seen them during the Elgon cup tourney, their vocabulary and voice levels required a detergent.

Oops did I say that…? (Hope I find a bed home…)

…or that Tanzania has nice brown galz but try vibing them in English and you’ll Ha-Ha…

Or that we Ugandans booze like fish… GO Zone 7!

See. I blurted this out without fear (…looking left, right. All’s clear…)

So if yo in South Africa, you’ve got a duty to rally the flock to watch this great show, feel free to print this up, run off copies, and hand them out to friends and family. Tape one to your refrigerator door. Leave them under strangers’ windshield wipers. Sneak into hotel rooms and stick them in the bibles.

Whatever it takes, get the word out.

Big Brother Africa is BIG…!