Socialites Fight At Blankets & Wines


The performances aside, the other events which couldn’t go un noticed at Sunday’s Blankets & Wines is the fight between city makeup artist, a one Zipper Atafo and former Shadow Angels dancer-turned novelist, Patricia Sewungu.

Patricia (C on Left) with Fashionista Abryans and a friend at Blankets & Wines while on Right is Atafo

It all started when the UK based writer, who is currently in town spilled wine on Atafo and walked away.

This made the publically confessed gay to lose his cool and pounced on Patricia.

It took the intervention of his ‘girlfriend’, a one Isaac to separate the two. We have since learnt that Patricia and Atafo have been close friends for a while. However, their rift began last year following a failed trip to UK by Atafo.

Apparently Patricia had catered for all expenses of the trip but unfortunately Atafo’s reasons weren’t convincing to secure a visa to UK. He was denied a visa and the journey was aborted. He believes Patricia might have been behind this and he has never forgiven her.

Their rift was further widened by a Whatsapp group where Atafo, Judith Heard and Sue Ochola are members.

The trio is found of badmouthing her on their group, though it is said Atafo does the most. When this got into her ears, she was always waiting for the ‘right’ moment and Blankets and Wines proved to be just the right place to hit back.


She called him but upon arriving, she poured wine on him.


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