Am Engaged! Got Have My Doctor Too – Nwagi Reveals

Curvy Winnie Nwagi

Bad News to all city men who still eye her! The Curvy Winnie Nwagi is one of the hottest girls in Uganda’s music industry and that is of course because of her curvaceous body… Looks like it’s you finally hit a dead end in vain..

The hot sizzling diva, Winnie Nwagi of the Musawo fame unfolded to us that she’s taken and that she has her doctor too..

And when asked what people don’t know about her, she went on to say that on top of that, she braves a beautiful child… This is bad news to Kampala’s hyenas who crave for any beautiful girl who rise in the Uganda’s music industry. We hope you can rest your dreams in peace or else you are risking getting fist fights with the Musawo whom she praises in her latest song.


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