Maurice Kirya Live: Then Maurice Kirya Will Be Live Again In A Concert Later


Maurice Kirya Live. The one which the social networks are referring to as #Kiryalive, is a concert starring guitarist / soul singer/ Africanist/ suspected biochemist Maurice Kirya. It’s going to be at the Serena Hotel very soon. In fact, according to my watch it will be on September 2nd. You want to find out more, I shall be telling you more as we proceed. For now, the fact that he has a concert to promote meant that we had an excuse to harass him and ask him dumbass questions. Check out what we did.


Baz: Hi Maurice. Are you ready for us to ask you questions concerning the state of the economy and exactly what your party plans to do to salvage the unemployment problem if elected? Or should we could just ask you about the concert?

Maurice: Hey bro. Not that I’m too dumb to answer about the current economic situation, but I would like to stick to questions about the concert, thank you.

Sleek: Why do you have a new single, a new album and a new concert coming up. Are they banjering you rent?

Maurice: In this current economic situation I have to hustle harder. Hahahah! I’m kidding. The fans needed some new material to feed on, and besides, I could not travel all over the world playing music and not do one special concert for the people who made me, and that’s my Ugandan fans. A new album will released next year, for now it’s the concert! :)

Baz: You have done concerts around the world. Would you do a concert in Barbados? I hear that chicks from Barbados like to sample Ugandan boys. You knowwharramsayin?

Me I would sample Rihanna, unless out of solida, because you have this beef thing going, I can chill and direct my fantasies elsewhere. Like Keri Hilson.

Maurice: I would definitely do a gig in Barbados and I will make sure I sample Rihanna’s song Umbrella. Hah hah! There is no beef between us, but come to think about it Keri Hilson is quite hot.

Ivan: Since you released Misubbaawa, have you had any issues with loadshedding? Is it true that UMEME threatened to sue you for darkening their reputation?


Maurice: I did not have to worry about UMEME anymore. Everyone around me has been lit up by the message in the song so there is enough light around me, but I am in talks with the government about them using my song in the generators, but I told them to first enforce the copyright law.

Ivan: Noted, I will download the mp3 to my phone and use it during one of these nights… you get? Kati. What’s the deal with Rihanna? Did she first friend you on Facebook or she just stole the song like that waitress that played my change? Do you know the waitress I’m talking about?

Maurice: I get the feeling it was a coincidence but yes I know intro sounds amazingly similar. But which bar was that waitress in? I might need to blacklist it!

Baz: Why don’t you eat meat, you man? Chicken are not that cute. It’s not like we don’t  eat cats cos cats are just cute. But chicken and cows, why don’t you just eat them? They won’t mind.

Maurice: I just happen not to drink, smoke, eat meat, or take soda, sugar and salt. I try to live a healthy lifestyle, and besides, who want to feel like their stomach is a graveyard?

Ivan: Does this have anything to do with the economy? Personally because of this economy I even stopped drinking ESB. Because of the sugar

Maurice: But the economy situation will encourage a healthy living, too much sugar is not good for anyone. Sure, you are gonna see healthy faces as the situation deteriorates.


Baz: There will be no curtain raisers at your upcoming concert, meanwhile. All along we thought you didn’t have beef with other local artistes. Don’t you think they will feel left out and start complaining and writing nuggu songs about you?  Like now Rocky Giant?

Maurice: We want to give something different where by fans come straight to the point to what brought them. And I actually like Rocky Giant’s work.



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