Chameleone Gives Police Names Of Devil Worshippers


There was speculation last week that linked AK47’s death to the works of the devil.

The speculation was further fueled by a one Nancy, who claims to be an agent of of the devil. She made several posts claiming that the devil had taken the singer’s life after he denounced the devil, yet he had been a member.

Singer Jose Chameleone

And the police isn’t leaving any stone unturned in its investigations.

AK’s elder brother, Jose Chameleone Monday met the head of Flying Squad police, Herman Owomugisha and gave him names of some of the devil worshipers he thinks may have been behind the ‘Kidandali’ singer’s death.

“The meaning of DEJAVU in French makes this story even more exciting…Dejavu means it has already happened. So his death had occurred days back,” a person who preferred anonymity explained shortly after the singer’s death.

“Talk of the walking dead. 47: 4+7 equals 11. He was announced dead at 11. That photo had 209 likes. 2+9 equals 11. There is no coincidence here.”

AK died last Monday under mysterious circumstances at Dejavu bar.

However, none has been arrested since his death.

The bouncer, who reportedly emerged from the bathroom in which the singer was found unconscious has disappeared since then.

The cleaner, who was the first person to find him unconscious in the bathroom also disappeared.

Meanwhile, investigations by police are still ongoing.


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