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Fear Factor: Know the Ugandan Fear You Have

Bungee Jumping in Uganda

Your time spent skipping around the interwebs has made you very knowledgeable about how many phobias are out there. For example, you know that Ablutophobia is the fear of bathing, washing, or cleaning. Take some seconds off to give all your friends suffering from this a sympathetic pat on the butt. You didn’t learn about the following phobias probably because your mummy called you to go downstairs and take evening tea.

Strakiphobia: The fear of being left alone in a room with just enough electricity to power only the television set and with the TV having just enough Chinese functionality to display only one station,WBS and with that station broadcasting only one thing-re-runs of ‘the best of Straka’. Her in slow motion, the camera zooming in, her doing stunts, stunt doubles doing stunts as her, her doing curtwheels…the works.

Bodibodiphobia: The fear of taking a boda boda ride and getting to your destination, pulling out your note to pay and being told by the rider that he has no change; there is no one in sight save for a stray dog staring curiously at a crossword puzzle in an old newspaper on the ground

Raisophobia: The fear of asking your boss for a raise and being told that it will be given to you if you can run the marathon in under thirty minutes.

Iyanophobia: The fear of electricity going off just as you lay your clothes on the ironing table

Taxiphobia: The fear of the taxi not stopping when you tell it to…and dragging on several meters from the target spot even when you yelled ‘masaawo’ a whole 200 meters to the spot

Potipotiphobia: The fear of hitting a pothole and feeling the car gasp and your dinner from the previous night debate on whether to get re-launched into the world from the front or the back

Kalooliphobia: The fear of a kalooli shitting on you as you walk past Constitutional square, or (insert one of the gazillion places the birds nest)…

Queuephobia: The fear of being in a queue for two hours and getting to the front only to be told that you were supposed to be in a different queue altogether

localdophobia: The fear of going out with someone of the opposite sex only to discover how local they are.

Top 10 Things That Be In Women’s Handbags

Women Purse

We did the research. Yeah. We went there. And we checked. And we found.

10. Shoes: You think they wear high heels all the time? Nah.

9. Perfume: Turns out women don’t naturally smell of le jardins de celleste.

8. Weapons: Don’t think just cos she’s a chick…

7. Cash: Don’t think just cos she’s a chick…

6. International Oestrogen Mafia Membership Card. The IOM is the secret women’s club that they all belong to. Its goal is our doom.

5. Rocks: To throw at boys. As per instructions from the IOM delivered in this cute cartoon.

4. Telephone: Cos you know how they like to talk.

3. Scraps of paper with the numbers of various dudes. Doesn’t mean she’s going to call you. She just didn’t want to be rude so she put the ka-paper with your number on it in her bag.

2. More shoes.

1. Marijuana.

Local Airline Sues Beer Company for rights infringement

Drinking Alcohol

Uganda Airlines has dragged Uganda Breweries Limited to court for illegally running flight services lawfully registered to and patented by the airline. A statement made by the airline’s lawyers asserted that the beer company was ‘getting people high’ yet it was the airline’s job to do that.

“I only found out about Uganda Breweries’ criminal actions when I went to Cayenne on Saturday to book a seat for this Sanyu FM party with Mr. DJ BK,” said an Air Uganda employee. “A young man behind me was conversing about how a beer called Tusker had taken him to the clouds and how he was planning to get high again next weekend. I said eh! And then I reported to my boss immediately!”

The airline’s head lawyer said that it was despicable because most of Uganda Breweries’ customers did not even own passports. “It is very illegal to fly without a valid passport and I think this is why their flights are mostly at night when we’re not looking. This has to stop.”

Live The Good Life, Live Ffene!: PART 1

Ffene - Jackfruit in Uganda

Ffene, the African Jackfruit (Artokifenesis heterosmellus) is our one of the nations most celebrated fruits. Si ndio?
It grows everywhere, watching with a benevolent eye as we conduct and misconduct our affairs. When we are hungry we eat ffene to fill our bellies. When times are good, we do the ffene.

Doing the Ffene

When we have no sugar we mix ffene juice in the mukalu and pretend we are doing it because it is nutritious and rich in vitamins and essential minerals. Ffene has our backs.

Ffene has those nice colors which make you think of sunshine and healthiness and staying of the sexual network. Ffene is a positive fruit, it believes in hope and looking forward to a day when the economy isn’t so bad that just looking into your wallet makes you want to crawl into your undies and stay there.With Ffene, you can always believe that life will get better.

As such we feel that Ffene being part of the national fabric deserves to be heard. It has valuable lessons for us as Ugandans. The other day ULK had a meeting with Mrs Kifenensi; the president of the Ffene National Entity. (FFNE). We conducted a long and leisurely interview, in which she shared with Urban Legend her views and feelings on various matters in the news around the world.

Here is the first Installment:

ULK: A president of a certain country recently confessed that his population was composed mainly of robbers, bandits, pick pockets, swindlers, lawyers, politicians, shoplifters, crooks and basically all manner of thieves. How do you feel about that?

MRS K: That, I must confess is partly our fault. All over that country, when young boys and girls are growing up, our plump curvy figures and sweet sinfully succulent flesh has enticed and seduced, teaching them… Wait… Why do you have a hard on?

ULK: Because, for some reason, I really want to have sex with a fruit. I evidently have some serious issues. I shall get help.

MRS K: You should.

ULK: You may have heard Mrs Kifenensi; that currently, the Miss Uganda completion is underway and the finalists were recently unveiled. Any thoughts?

MRS K: I feel strongly that these bu-girls need to eat more Ffene. Ffene chips, Ffene cake, Ffene yoghurt, Ffene posho anything to put more flesh on those bones. Some of them look like they were squeezed out of a tube. I want them to know that we are here for them.

ULK: We wanted to know, if you feel it is right for opposition MPs to be sprayed with pink water so much.

MRS K: to be honest I sometimes feel that some of these PMs need to chill. To cool off if you get my drift. As such I see no problem. Fro me i like to be aid back and happy. My issue is with the color. Strawberry pink? No, we can’t allow that. Strawberries are some of our most vicious enemies. Not only do they wear their seeds on their bodies (which is the fruit equivalent of having a vagina on your elbow) they have also snatched up the flavor market, relegating us to wheelbarrows and the fruits in small plastic containers they deliver to offices. Strawberry if you are reading this, I want you to know that you cannot take the terrorism (or is it counter terrorism) anyway you cannot take this away from us. Beef just.

We pray that one day, all enemies of liberty and government will be sprayed in tasteful green and yellow ffene colors. it is only right. We shall see you next time with the next installment of these riveting series, the Ffene interviews, until then, keep it bright, keep it happy, keep it Ffene!!!

Things Of Sexual Intercourse to Know the Ugandan Way!

Stay Safe During Sex

There are only two ways to have sex; the right way and the wrong way. Sex the right way means you get in and come out HIV negative and sex the wrong way means you come out HIV positive.

And judging by a recently released report about the increasing HIV prevalence rate in Uganda, many people are having sex in all the wrong ways.

So we compiled ten solid tips on how to have statistically correct sex.

1. First, and this is the most critical, always look left and right before cros…no, sorry, someone left a traffic guidebook on my desk. Hold on.

Okay, here goes.

1. First, sleep with someone approved by an expert or certified body. Walk with said person in public for a week or two and ask friends, family and random people if you should really sleep with the person in question.

2. Do not ask anything with alcoholic content for an opinion.

3. Do not involve the Ministry of Disaster Preparedness. It’s just a bunch of people paid to tweet about disasters that have happened in the country. How do you think we knew about the Bobi-Bebe battle of vhampions? (Auto-correct let this one slip).

4. They are not in office half the time anyway. And in the other half, you won’t know if this paragraph is talking about the disastrous preparation guys or Bobi and Bebe.

5. Use a condom. No, not to ask questions.

6. Roll it on like they do in the Bible. Don’t rush it. Do it with the agility of a government body trying to make a development; very slowly. But not so slowly that you’ll grow fat while at it.

7. Ask the person you want to have sex with if they have AIDS. If they say they no, they are lying. Don’t trust a liar. Run. If they say yes, they are telling the truth. Don’t trust an honest person. They are hiding something. Run.

8. Do it from a safe distance.

9 You don’t have to have sex all the time. Sometimes you need to lay back, relax and let the sex have itself.

10. Just don’t get AIDS. It’s not good for you.

Uganda Qualifies to AFCON Round 16

Uganda Cranes Players

Uganda has officially qualified to the next round of the Africa Cup of Nations 2019 afterwards finishing second in Group A. We can now confirm.

The Cranes reached the round 16 of the ongoing tournament in Egypt with four points, three points behind Egypt.

Despite losing their last game in the group by 2 – 0 to the hosts, Zimbabwe losing to DR Congo by 3 – 0 was enough to book the Sebastien Desabre coached side a place in the play offs.

DR Congo who lost their first two games in the group to Uganda and Egypt respectively finished third while Zimbabwe bottomed the group with only a point that they secured from Uganda.

This means that Uganda and Egypt qualified to the next stages as DR Congo is still waiting for a chance of qualifying in one of the four slots for best losers. Zimbabwe.

5 Things that Prove that Uganda is the Pearl of Africa

Bunyonyi - The Wakanda Region

Are you looking for a awesome travel experience in Africa but not certain yet which country to visit? Uganda is a very incredible destination with lots of amazing attractions and features and would definitely recommend it for your next safari tour in Africa. You will be surprised by the weather, friendly people, lakes, wildlife, birds, primates, landscape and much more. Perhaps it’s another great destination in Africa that offers exciting life time gorilla trekking safaris in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. I believe it’s one of the most beautiful to visit for gorilla tracking safaris.

Great Weather

If you want to enjoy a holiday vacation under the sun and in a warm serenity, Uganda is famous for having the best sunny days even during the so called rainy seasons. Its only in Uganda where it shines immediately after rain and the country is all year destination since nothing ruin your tour holiday. When the country’s cool weather, you will definitely enjoy your Uganda safari tour  each day of your stay even though you chose to travel in April, May and November the known rainy season months.

Safe & Secure

The first concern that some people have when they think about Uganda is that it might not be safe. Surely the country is safe and secure for travel and tourism in any corner of the country. Just go ahead and plan your visit to Uganda and enjoy your trip in any part of the country provided it’s your best place of interest.

Exotic & Unique Culture

Where else can you find friendly and welcoming people than in Uganda? Though the country is known for mountain gorillas, culture and the friendly people is another interesting travel aspect that every traveler enjoys while in Uganda. The people’s culture in Uganda is unique and you get a memorable Uganda safari tour when you combine your travel interest with a cultural excursion. There is too much living history in the present, many amazing cultural dances, songs, and way of life. When you head out for a culture tour its really new adventure of a life time.

Amazing Mountain Gorillas

There is much more to see and enjoy on a Uganda gorilla safari tour to Bwindi ,Mgahinga National Park the two spectacular gorilla homes in Uganda. Mountain gorillas are endangered primate species that live in forested  vegetation of Virunga Massif and Bwindi Impenetrable. When you chose to explore the beautiful gorilla parks, the hilly landscape, forest habitants and the complete guidance of park rangers make the trek one in a million. No wonder its Uganda’s top tourist attraction that inspire thousands to visit the country. However, if you want to track gorillas and hike volcanoes, or track golden monkeys just go for a gorilla tour to Mgahinga National Park.

Delicious Food

You will be surprised that whatever you chose to taste or eat in Uganda is delicious provided it’s prepared by lodges or hotels that have good history in the travel world. Even snack taste great. But avoid eating foods or things sold on the streets for hygiene purposes and good health. There are plenty of dishes and foods including local . Italian, Indian, English and much more. The saddest time is heading back home and lives behind the delicious cuisines.

UMEME Romance

UMEME Uganda Sucks

That Sunday, escaping the chokingly dull atmosphere at lunch with the relas, Trish had gone to watch her cousin play football. It was there that she slowly became aware of Paul.

She had categorised three quarters of the boys on the pitch according to the 360° system she and her bestie Winnie deployed, (and yes, she could tell their employment status despite the fact that they were all consistently covered by Kampala mud) when she came upon him.

She watched him running gingerly across the pitch with an awareness of every splash of mud that landed at the base of his legs. He scored a very average 180.

Meanwhile, Paul too had spotted her, while trying to remain within but at the same time outside, a certain distance of the ball. He had determined that he would find an excuse to go and talk to her afterward since she looked like she might be pretty.

That way the afternoon, which he had originally hoped would involve nothing more vigorous than sitting in front of the TV with his hands down his trousers, would not be a complete bust. A new “friend” whose calls he had successfully dodged for 3 weeks had appeared at his door and shamed him into going to play.

She could be pretty, then again she could have a face like a pair of goat’s testicles, he thought anxiously as he approached her and the box of mineral water someone had kindly deposited beside her.

He actually sighed and half-smiled when he found with relief that she was not, in fact, hairy, malformed and malodious. She had a really nice… She looked like she had an interesting…

Trish watched him approach and thought, “he’s alright… I guess?” His name was Paul, she learned and he also worked in a bank, though in the legal department.

There was nothing actively unpleasant about her, he puzzled out, as he watched her talk about clothes, shoes, her ‘galfriends’ and The Hostel. On the other hand there was nothing he could tell the perverts in IT when adding soup to the story on Monday morning. Not a single outstanding, big, beautiful muscle, organ or pair of glands. She was neither flat nor bintuful.

She appraised him and dismissed him quickly; small feet, smaller salary and the smallest pair of ears she had ever seen. The next weekend they ran into each other at a house party and she ignored him at first.

Later once the party had long run out of mixers, they found each other in wet, humid embrace behind the fridge. After they were inelegantly interrupted by a puking, crying galfriend he invited her to his place to “watch a movie” the next day. What the hell, Trish thought, he could be fun.

When she finally made it to, after getting lost on a boda who then overcharged her, Paul opened the door to a house that was darker than the evening outside. He hugged her clumsily and went back to lighting candles at the table.

“Oh no. UMEME?” she asked, wondering not that of course, but whether she should take off her sandals. They had a multitude of straps and would make a quick exit complicated.

“Yes, but my laptop has enough battery,” as he brought the candle towards her the light licked her face prettily, her skin glowed warmly and her round eyes reflected the flame back to him. She actually has a pretty face, he thought. Trish sensed a difference in his approach and smiled, blooming uncertainly like a budding flower. Especially when she smiles like that, thought Paul.

Paul then pulled out his ace, a bottle of champagne that his mulokole boss had given him, he had kept it since Christmas hoping for a woman to impress with it.

Trish was impressed. She took off her sandals.

He had got the movie because his video guy had told him chicks love it. “They get wet in more than one place,” he had said, to be specific, but Paul found himself moved by the story. Tears squatted in his eyes and he was grateful for the dark. He put his arm around Trish as she dabbed at her tears girlishly.

By the time the credits rolled they were kissing and hands were exploring and shirts were being tugged off. When they knocked over a candle they decided to take it to the bedroom, Trish giggling giddily as she tripped over her own strappy sandals on the way.

Taking advantage of the forgiving candlelight and bubbly, tipsy courage she did a little striptease that she had imagined in her head many times but had never been able to perform for anyone except her mirror.

They proceeded to have good, unselfconscious sex.

Afterwards they talked and with the candles out, unable to see her facial expression and not having to control his, he found himself saying things he had never shared with anyone. She wrapped her legs around his torso and placed his head on her bosom and sighed with maternal concern and contentment.

They proceeded to make soft, vulnerable, eye-contact-holding love.

Very early the next day, before Paul and the sun had really woken up, she kissed him goodbye and disappeared like a good dream. She spent the day gushing about him to her galfriends on gtalk and squeezing her thighs beneath her desk to feel the sweet aftersex soreness and smile.

A few nights later he actually took her to dinner. They smiled at each other the whole car ride, and then across from one another, under the bright lights of the Indian restaurant and as the pauses between sentences grew longer and longer the smiles became strained and then heavy and then stopped.

He squirmed in his seat.

She cleared her throat drily.

They both looked up with great relief as the waiter approached and down with despair as he left with their drink orders. What had gone wrong? Trish wondered. In desperation she began talking about Mari Chui, a terrible idea she knew, but anything but the silence. Dear God, not the silence.

He nodded at the major plot points and interjected with appropriate mmhmms and uh-huhs, but really he was examining her face for something, anything interesting or distinctive. She has nice… ears? Her ears were small and unassuming, they did not call attention to themselves, which, surely is the bare minimum you could really ask of ears. Her eyebrows were perfectly adequate. Not sharp and aggressive nor timid or most-terrifyingly; absent.

As they left, walking down the four flights, the only sound their shoes sliding down the mall floor, they both ran into people they sort of knew, arm-in-arm with their significant others, posed against the red of the Supermarket sign like an advert.

Under other circumstances, they might have all walked by each other with maybe a smile or wave, this momentous collision of awkwardness would never have come to pass. Paul and Trish clung to the others like drowning swimmers and proceed to drag the whole encounter under a tide of awkwardness.

The sheer momentum of it caused handshakes to grasp fists, clumsy hugs to turn creepy and worst of all, that terrifying moment when two people are forced to acknowledge the other prematurely as they wait for the people beside them to finish their greeting so they can begin theirs. This should never have happened, Trish thought, as she did the are-we-hugging-left-or-right-oh-I-think-I-just-kissed-your-ear dance. With her free ear she heard;

“Hi Paul, Patricia…”

“…Patricia, Paul…”

“…Paul, Patricia. Hi”

An alarmed look came upon her face. She was at warp speed transported through a lifetime of being introduced at boring Bank luncheons, boring Rotaract marathons and boring functions with Paul’s family who probably had the same weird fucking ears that he did. Patricia, Paul. Patricia, Paul. Paul, Patricia. Patricia, Paul!

The six of them laughed the last of what had been many uncomfortable laughs at the alliterative accident and then with a wave walked away in three different directions, a little faster than was strictly necessary.

Without seeing the look of horror on Trish’s face Paul ventured into the silence optimistically: “How funny running into Chris after all these …”

“- this isn’t going to work!”

Hollywood Star Forest Whitaker Impressed by Uganda’s Nature

Forest Whitaker

Hollywood Star Forest Whitaker has been impressed by his second stay in Uganda. This follows the American Actor and Film Director’s recent touristic visit to Uganda to help empower youth through his ‘Whitaker Peace and Development Initiative.’

Whitaker who Starred in movies such as South Paw, Last King of Scotland and others, arrived on Monday and has been in areas of Acholi, Northern Uganda.

Forest Whitaker led a visit of the Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement in northern Uganda where the Whitaker Peace & Development Initiative (WPDI), recently started a new branch of his flagship program, the Youth Peacemaker Network (YPN) to empower young people from both the camp and the neighboring communities. Mr. Whitaker has been active in the region since 2006 and has recently expanded the YPN to refugees from South Sudan, based on the successes and lessons learned on our programs for young people in the protection of civilians camp for internally displaced people in Juba.

The actor took to his social media to reveal how it feels good to stay in Uganda in additions to sharing his favorite moments like the youthful Acholi’s dancing to the traditional Rakaraka Dance.

It always feels so good to be in Acholi, Uganda!” he wrote on his twitter account.

Today, he visited Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement to train the youth of beith there for each other.

“I was uplifted by the exchange I had today with the youth trained and supported by @connectWPDI in the Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement #Uganda – they are amazing change makers!” he tweeted today evening.

This is Forest Whitaker’s second time in Uganda with his earlier visit back in 2017, where he participated in a series of activities to support young people from Northern Uganda and South Sudan.

His first visit was during the shooting of the popular movie “the last king of Scotland” in which Whitaker acted as Idi Amin Dada, the past president of Uganda. He is also one of the most popular actors from Hollywood most known to Ugandans.

Top 6 Ugandan Celebrity Scandals that Rocked 2018


The year 2018 is finally gone and now five days back. It was a year of many firsts in Uganda’s entertainment industry. It saw a number of showbiz open up scene open up, new talents coming up, a lot of beefs, untold celebrity rumors, musicians picking up a massive political influence country wide among others. Each month was spiced up with a mouthwatering scandal from celebrities.

Here is our top 8 sizzling bags of jaw dropping drama that happened to your favorite Ugandan celebrities in 2018.

Spice Diana @32

Singer Diana Namukwaya a.k.a Spice Diana had a very successful year of 2018 musically with a number of hit songs and successful concert at the Namasuba based Front Page Hotel with extra shows at Georgina Gardens and Lido Beach. However, it was a year of embarrassment to her as well.

At first, Spice Diana was bashed by several over a mistake she made while on an interview on NTV’s ‘Mwasuze Mutya’ show, as she confused the country when the host asked her to share about her education background and the points she attained in her A Level exams. To the surprise, mentioning 32 which was way higher than the the maximum number of points one can attain at that level which was 25 for many years till 2012 when it was changed to 20. Out of consolation, she released a song dubbed 32 featuring Weseal Manizo that became a hit.

She also got another embarrassment when her wig was seen falling off her head to the floor on another live TV show, a video that made rounds on social media. To make matters worse, instead of continuing with the freestyle, she instead bent down to pick it up as a way of consolation. People made more fun of her.

Barbi Jay Being Caught Pants down with another woman in Car

He might be a singer known to a few but this sandal went viral on Ugandan social media networks.

On the night of 10th March 2018, Singer Barbi Jay was embarrassed after the night police patrol found him red handed in a sexual affair with a another woman, identified to be his side girl in a Toyota Mark 2 car that was parked besides the road near FUFA offices in Mengo, a Kampala city suburb.

Our Buzz team reported that Police was tipped by some suspicious people who saw the car shaking and got concerned to know what was going on little did they know it was Barbi Jay who was making love to the girl.

He was found shirtless in a black underwear where as the girl was found in a green mini-dress and on seeing police, the ‘Tombuuza’ singer rushed to get dressed up claiming that the girl is his fellow artiste and that they were allegedly going for a performance. He was later taken to Lubaga Police station where they explained more and was charged with public nuisance.

Bobi Wine – Arrest, detain, Alleged Torture and Musical Ban

Though this may appear a little bit of political, Bobi Wine remains a celebrity who is followed by a hundreds out of his brilliance in musical work despite the current political form he has acquired. After winning the Kyaddondo Member of Parliamentary seat in 2017, Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu (Real names) started helping his colleagues in campagns during various by elections such as in Bugiri Consituency and Arua Municipality.

Following the news that he together with other MP Kassiano Wadri’s fans and followers had stoned the President’s convoy on the closing day of the Arua municipality campaigns, Bobi Wine was arrested by the SFC together with over 30 of his mates from Hon. Kassiano Wadri’s camp.

He went out days missing and this brought up a security alert allover the country with demonstrations for his release thus the #freebobiwine campaign. The situation worsened when reports came out that he was badly tortured by the security officials, leaving injuries allover his in and outer body parts. He was charged with treason before weeks later being set free by the Civil court only to be re-arrested by the Martial court. He was finally released on bail to get a better medical attention.

According to a Ugandan Local travel guide website, Till today, this incident sparked off the popularity that the ‘kyarenga’ singer has gained politically. A lot of night mares has happened to him musically due to his massive political influence to the youths that the government considers might turn into security threats including cancelling his concerts, being banned from singing to the public on several occasions, denying him access to concert venues and threats to ban some of his music pieces among others.

Bebe Cool – ‘The Bottle embarrassment’

On Friday 31st August 2018, veteran singer Moses Ssali received his greatest embarrassment while on stage after a group of angry fans forced him off the stage during his performance at the Swangz Avenue All-Star concert featuring Jamaican crooner Tarrus Riley at Lugogo Cricket Oval.

The event had to stall for over 40 minutes as police officers tried to whisk away the singer who had been attacked by fans after they turned rowdy and started hurling all manner of objects at him. According to reports, he was accused of remaining mum on Bobi Wine’s harassment by the ruling Central government.

This incident forced Bebe Cool to call down his musical performances only to appear again on stage a few weeks back during his ‘Mutima Gwa Zaabu’ concert at Kiwatule on boxing day.

Zari Hassan, Diamond Platinumz Split

On the night of the Valentines day, South African based Uganda socialite did the unexpected decision of moving out of Tanzanian singer Diamond Platinumz’ love life. Zari and Diamond at first had a love life to envy for. However, the ‘African Woman’ singer cheated on the mother of five on several occasions with different women including video vixen Hamisa Mobetto, Tunda Sebastian among others.

Their relationship lasted for some years and they were blessed with two children, a boy (Prince Riaz ) and girl (Latiffah Dangote a.k.a Princess Tiffah).

Qute Kaye on Stealing Car Headlights

He was one of the top celebrities around 2007 with hit songs including Jinkese, Gwendota among others which took the airwaves and nightclubs by storm. As you know ‘music things’, Qute Kaye went AWOL only to appear back to the public while giving his life to Christ at the famous 77 Days of Glory though this didn’t last long.

However, he came back to our faces around late May though not for the right reasons when he was caught red handed stealing headlights from a car in Busega, Rubaga Division in Kampala. Kaye was arrested after residents who made an alarm, attracting crowds, spotted him.

He was then taken to police custody and charged with theft.

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