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5 Popular Uganda Parks to Visit on Self Drive


There is nothing more enthralling in this world than visiting the various national parks of Uganda on Self Drive. This adventure is very exciting, exhilarating, and explorative as you encounter the different unique species of wildlife, and what a better way to do it on your own! Uganda has ten national parks but we shall look at five popular ones that give travelers a whole new experience while on a self-drive safari. The self-drive safaris give your African safari a whole different experience especially when you decide to have camping as the accomodation option.

The best five national parks

Murchison falls National Park: Of recent, Murchison Falls National Park has become the most sought-after tourism destination in Uganda because of the possibility of viewing the big five. The park itself has four of the big five animals that is to say lions, leopards, elephants, and buffaloes. The rhinos are found at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary in Nakasongola district which is within the vicinity of the park. En route to Murchison Falls National Park, most tourists dash off to the rhino sanctuary to track the rhino and then continue to the park to view the other big five animals henceforth completing the whole experience.

Besides the big five animals, Murchison Falls National Park has other tour highlights like a hike to the top of the falls to witness how the Nile forces its way into a narrow gorge to plunge into the basin. This feature is a very beautiful sight and great for photography. Boat rides are also carried out on River Nile in the park. There are two boat trips arranged on the Nile; the first one is to the bottom of the falls where you view the might Murchison falls from the river base and on this cruise, you might as well encounter some water birds, hippos, crocodiles, monitor lizards and sometimes elephants and buffaloes n the river banks. The other boat cruise arranged is to the delta area where the major attraction is to view the shoebill. This is one of the places in Uganda where the shoebill can be viewed in the wild.

Kibale Forest National Park: This is known as the capital of primates. Kibale Forest National Park has the highest concentration of primates in the whole of Africa with 13 different species. Some of the primates found in the park include chimpanzees, grey-cheeked mangabey, red-tailed monkey, pottas monkey, blue monkey, black and white colobus, and so forth. Although Kibale has numerous species of primates, tourists mainly visit this natural forest to encounter the chimpanzees. The chimpanzees are very shrewd and interesting animals to interact with. They are capable of using tools like stones, sticks, and other natural surroundings to gather food and also build their shelter. They also show compassion to one another as though they are human beings. The chimpanzees are related to mankind with 95% DNA similarity. And a date with the chimpanzees in Kibale is always a memorable one, plus you have a 98% guarantee of viewing the chimpanzees making Kibale one of the places that you are assured of viewing the chimps in their natural habitat.

Queen Elizabeth National Park: Queen Elizabeth National Park formerly known as Kazinga National Park is one of the oldest wildlife conservation areas in the country. It used to be the most visited national park in Uganda but it lost its glory to Bwindi impenetrable national park and Murchison falls national park due to the Human-animal conflict that has led to a drastic decline in the number of wildlife species in the park. However, it has still got an edge over the others and this is why it is still among the top five popular parks to visit on an Uganda Self Drive Vacation. Queen Elizabeth National Park has the best plains to view wild animals and within its short savannah plains, travellers spot wild species like lions, buffaloes, elands, warthogs, antelopes, elephants, oribis, Uganda kobs and so many more.

This park also has the highest concentration of birds in Uganda with over 600 species. Queen Elizabeth National Park also offers the most epic boat ride experience in the country. The boat ride operates on a famous and formidable water channel, Kazinga which entwines the two great lakes of Edward and George. The 2 hours’ boat ride at the channel avails lots of thrilling experiences of viewing aquatics like crocodiles, hippos, waterbucks on the banks, water birds, and also other animals like elephants and buffaloes which normally loiter at the banks of the channel quenching off their thirst after a heavy graze.  When you drive south of the park is the Ishasha sector famed for the tree-climbing lions. In this sector in case you are lucky, you may encounter the tree-climbing lions, leopards, Topis, elephants, buffaloes, and countless birds.

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park: This is pitted at the southwest edge of Uganda in the Kigezi region. It is one of the most visited national parks in Africa because of being home to one of the most unique wildlife species you can ever imagine, the Mountain Gorillas. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is home to over half of the total population of these endangered species in the world. It is one of the few places on this planet to meet up close and personal with these gentle beasts in a gorilla trekking expedition.

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is just 9 hours away from Kampala and the road leading to the Kigezi region from Kampala is well paved and direct and hence making a self-drive safari a very viable option for the traveler. Aside from the Mountain Gorillas, this park is often referred to as the bird watchers’ paradise as the forest hosts a number of the Albertine endemics.

Lake Mburo National Park: This is the nearest park to Kampala the capital of Uganda. It is about a 4 to 5 hours’ drive from Kampala and the same drive time from Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. It is located in the central-western region of Uganda. This is a very nonchalant national park compared to the others. Nonetheless, it has lots of wildlife species and tourism activities to engage in. For instance, a game drive is possible where tourists view animals like zebras, giraffes, antelopes, buffaloes, elands, and many more. A boat ride at Lake Mburo is also a great experience to get involved in while on a self-drive safari. The boat experience offers sights of different marine animals like hippos, water birds most notably the African Fin foot, and waterbucks.  Lake Mburo National Park is one park, a visitor can either start off or end off with the trip due to its proximity to Kampala and Entebbe, the two start and endpoints of every safari trip in Uganda.

The above parks are the most sought-after parks for clients on a Uganda Self Drive however, on rare occasions, some have included Kidepo Valley National Park, Mount Elgon National Park with a stop at Sipi Falls, then Semuliki Wildlife Reserve, Mount Rwenzori National Park. Due to the reliability and beauty of the volcanoes of Mgahinga gorilla National Park, some travelers have visited this area to explore the volcanoes, track the mountain gorillas in the area and also engage in the Batwa Cultural Experience.

Where ‘taxis’ have WiFi, TV, and CCTV

Matatu Taxi

Were this commuter minibus a tenement in Kamwokya in Kampala or Dandora in Nairobi, burglars would be swooning over it.

The burglars would be thinking of when to strip it of some of its electronic parts.

Probably the first they would think of grabbing the 32-inch flat television set hoisted on the board between the driver’s cabin and the passenger section.

A TV set of the brand in the minibus could fetch Shs1 million. Shs1 million could pay a lower ranking policeman salary for four months. The second to go would be the 1, 000-watt speakers.

Since many thugs are young men, with an ear for bass, the burglars would probably not sell the speakers.

They would keep them for their home entertainment.

To conclude the burglary, if the miscreants are cheeky, and have Smartphones, they would take pictures of themselves ensconced in the seats and then use the WiFi in the minibus to update their status on their social networking sites like Facebook.

And, to provoke art critics, they could take selfies, ensuring the Christiano Ronaldo, Barack Obama or Lil Wayne graffiti or the abstract scribbling on the sides of the minibuses are in the frame, and post these.

In Summary

Some matatu owners spend up to Shs10 million on paint work alone

WiFi, flat screens, CCTV are for customers entertainment and security. But the cost of these could buy a used sedan


The bad news for the burglars is that this commuter minibus, also known as a matatu, is not a tenement.

It is one of the many fabrications on Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, streets.

To attract travellers, the savings and credit cooperatives (Saccos) and the individuals who own them spend a lot of money to ‘soup’ or ‘pimp’ them up.

They do this to attract the young commuters who would not mind a discotheque-like surround sound.

During the traffic snarl-ups, the music oozing through the speakers serve the same purpose the sports channels in commercial banks lobbies serve – take the customers minds off the long wait.For security reasons, some of the owners install closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras in the minibuses.

The presumption is that the thugs who would board the minibuses – as law-abiding citizens only to draw revolvers from their trench coats and rob the genuine passengers at gunpoint – would be deterred by the CCTV. Of course, CCTV has never stopped criminals from wearing balaclavas just before ‘missions’.

If the ‘pimping’ that goes into a matatu serves none of the above purposes, at least it helps to take one’s mind off the fact that the matatus front reminds some of a bulldog’s face

A Weekend Excursion Around Kampala City with Family


Kampala is a wonderful city steeped in history, leisure and tradition. With so many places to go and entertainment to enjoy you will never be without something to do. Kampala’s places of interest is vast as there is so much to see. Whatever your interest are, you are sure to find somewhere in and around the capital. There are many interesting cultural centers leaning against Buganda Kingdom, the largest tribal grouping in Uganda. If culture or history is not your thing, there are also local markets, theaters, night clubs among other places to explore.

With so many activities and places to visit it’s hard to know where to start your weekend retreat with family or friends once you have decided to go for a Kampala city tour. Whatever your interests are, this list should start you on your way to getting the most out of Kampala.

The City Centre

Kampala city a commercial and administrative capital of Uganda spreads over more than twenty hills. It is one of the fastest growing cities in Africa. Its architecture is a mixture of the modern, the colonial and the Indian. Kampala is a city that simply buzzes with life. There is much to do, first of take in the atmosphere of the city, the people, the shop, the activity in the market area of Nakesero.

Kabaka Tombs visits

There are various tombs found in Buganda kingdom. Tombs are burial grounds for Buganda Kings. These include; Kasubi, Wamala, Walusi to mention but a few. Kasubi being the main tomb, it is located on kasubi hill, where the four kings of Buganda were barried. The tombs were constructed using local materials; grass, poles and wattle. They have great historical, cultural and spiritual importance to the Baganda because all the remains of their kings are laid there.

Walking the Royal Mile

The royal mile mainly comprises of the Lubiri Palace and the Bulange parliament all located in Mengo. These two have magnificent architectural designs that please all the tourists who take a glance on them as they walk the royal mile learning about the unique Buganda culture.

Slum Tours

You can take a Kampala slum tour as well. To the ordinary man living in Kampala, a slum means those congested water-logged small dwellings. These places have a lot of stagnant water with shabby houses. The most notable slums in Kampala include Bwaise, Makerere Kivvulu, Katanga, Kimombasa, Kisenyi and Wankulukuku.

However, slums in Kampala are defined by outstanding characteristics including Inadequate access to safe water, inadequate access to sanitation and other infrastructure, insecure residential status, Poor structural quality of housing and overcrowding. These areas attract a high density of low- income earners and or unemployed persons, with low levels of literacy trying to make ends meet. The cost of living in such places are literally very low and living conditions remain very poor. High crime rates & drug abuse, high levels of noise, immorality (pornography and prostitution) are also other characteristics of slums in Kampala.

Uganda museum tour

The Uganda Museum is an ideal place to start with in order to get solid ground about the country, its people, cultures and traditions. It was first opened in 1908 at a place called Ford Lugard in Old Kampala, then transferred in 1942 to Makerere University however, today it is found on Kitante hill. The museum displays Uganda’s indigenous culture, Archaeology, history, science and natural history.

Shopping in the local markets

A Kampala walking tour can take you to local markets including the ever crowded st Balikuddembe market better known as Owino market, Nakasero market and the Craft markets where you can buy souvenirs for your stay in Kampala. While visiting these markets, you are always advised to keep your valuables such as cell phones, cameras, money purses and small bags safe.

Visiting the Bahai Temple and other religious places

You cannot forget talking about Religion while on a city tour around Kmapala. Uganda has many people believing in different religions attending their services in various Religious places. Among the most popular iconic religious places in Kampala is the Baha’i Temple that is located on the Kikaya Hill 7 kilometers from the city center. It is the only Bahai Temple found in Africa. It is also referred to as the mother temple of the Bahai faith in Africa. Other places include the Rubaga Catholic cathedral, Namirembe Cathedral, the Gaddafi National mosque and Namugongo Martyrs Shrine among others.

Food & drink

Kampala prides itself on the diversity of restaurant offerings it provides. All types of foods are available in this buzzing city including Indian, Chinese, Italian and Spanish foods as well as the usual fast-food outlets. Whatever your tastes are, you will be catered for in Uganda’s capital.


So you’ve enjoyed a day of sightseeing, had a bite to eat and the night is upon you getting the best of it with family. You can enjoy the vast amounts of entertainment in Kampala. Whether you enjoy night clubs with grown up friends, live music or the dramatic presence of a theater show with family, Uganda’s capital is the place to be. There are also cinema halls, bars and pubs as well as lounges.

How to get around?

If it is your first time to drive in Kampala, expect some challenge. A Kampala city tour would be more fun if you are driving with a local guide thus Car hire being reasonable. Walking in the city centre can also be fulfilling as you can visit a number of interesting places such as local markets and slums. You can also rent a bike to travel round the city or use local taxis.

Where to stay

There are lots of different choices from hotels, B & Bs, and guest houses. You can choose to stay in the city center, or in the surrounding areas as transport to center are frequent. Accommodation is available to all classes of people economy wise.

  • If you need luxury, there are many 4 and five star hotels to try out. There is Serena Hotel, Protea Hotels, Sheration hotel Kigo, Hotel Africana and Hotel Boulevard among others.
  • Standard accommodations such as Tri Hotel, Grand Imperial, Royal suites Bugolobi and Silver springs hotel, Golf course hotel, Golden Tulips, Acadia suites among others.
  • If you need low budget, there are a number of back packer lodges such as Bush Pig Backpackers, Fat Cat, Red Chilli for camping, Nateete Back packer among others.

5 Famous Vehicle Brands to Rent in Uganda


Uganda is one of the many countries in Africa that offer self-drive services to travellers. People who own cars tend to take them as something precious and deprive others of a chance to drive or use them but rather have intentions of keeping them safe from scratches and accidents. It’s in Uganda where things are different and many people with a loving and sharing heart have come out of their free will to help travellers reach their destinations safely and in time. They have established car hire agencies to ease their jobs which clients look onto as a sign of authenticity and trust. However, the main aim of car rental agencies is to ease the access of travellers to these travel monster machines.

Many vehicles are waiting to be taken on road trips, safaris, business trips, chauffeur tours, personal journeys, city rounds, vacations, picnics, airport pickups, research, wedding transportation to mention but a few at a friendly rate for solo travellers, big, small groups and families. Car rental in Uganda offers four-wheel-drive vehicles because of their ability to pass via rugged terrains of some distant parts of Uganda. Put the worries aside and uniquely explore the pearl of Africa because the transport issue is sorted by our authentic travel agency. Look out for these famous brands in our fleet.

Land Cruiser 

This is the most used and sought car brand in the travel industry because of its 4×4 WD, spacious and comfortable. it is simply a yardstick for a sport utility vehicle. There are different models of  Land cruisers to hire in Uganda ranging from TZ, TXL, TX, GX, V8 to VX offering you a platform to choose the best out of the rest. It is manufactured by Toyota companies and this station wagon is a 100% travel success because it reaches every corner of Uganda without difficulties. It can handle all kinds of roads, tarmac, murram and off beaten track

This car brand accommodates up to 5 people and has a hard roof and deck suitable for roof tent camping in Uganda. It is best used for road trips, business projects, chauffeur tours, airport pickups and the accommodation part for campers, the rooftop is catered for by this land cruise Prado. Mention your ideal vehicle and we will provide it for comfortable travel.

Safari land cruiser

Safari land cruiser also called extended is a travel monster machine popular in the travel industry and the most sought safari vehicle brand by luxury travellers. It can accommodate 6 people with an extension of 8 when it comes to the extended version. It is suitable for long-distance destinations and has a popup roof for game viewing, documentaries, filming in Uganda’s national park. The best trip depends on the car type used and if it’s a safari land cruiser used then expect positive results in return.

Toyota Rav 4

It is manufactured by Toyota a leading car maker company. It is known for its cheapness, and affordability. it is a rental car for everyone and the most hired by budget travellers. Toyota Rav 4 is a 4 wheel drive machine that is ready to hit all roads on any available trip. It is a fuel-saving automobile so fuel shouldn’t be on your worrying list. It is spacious and enables you to reach your travel destination in comfort. It is a perfect car to hire for self drive Uganda, city tours, safaris, business trips and airport pickups.


I wouldn’t advise you to book a Toyota Rav 4 when heading to rugged terrain places especially the northern parts of Uganda because you won’t survive. You might get some hiccups because it is a little vehicle that cannot handle enormous steep and rugged surfaces found on the routes leading to Kidepo National park and within it.

4×4 Safari vans

This is also referred to as a family/group safari car customized for game viewing. It accommodates a capacity of 9 passengers. Its inside is spacious providing a comfortable atmosphere to its clients. This min safari van possesses a pop-up roof best for game viewing safaris in Uganda’s savannah parks.

Toyota super custom

A super custom van is a common vehicle for group travel. It is comfortable with adjustable seats accommodating six passengers. Super custom is suitable for family and small groups touring Kampala and distant parts of Kampala.

The choice of car brand you make depends on the size of your budget and the nature of the roads to the travel destinations. Do not expect to use a salon car to distant places rather opt for a 4×4 wheel drive brand for successful travel. Book now and travel safely.

What to do Once Pulled Over by Ugandan Police During Curfew time


When the Covid-19 pandemic surfaced, a lot of things that we were used to changed right from the way of lives to the laws regulating us. Currently in Uganda, it is an offense in not only traffic laws to drive past general curfew time, that is 7:00pm and being found on the road with a not sounding reason, you may fall into the punishing hands of the police. One of the punishments for this is parking you aside the road for the night, paying a fine and even being charged in the courts law and serve some time in prison.

Meanwhile, travelers on tour purposes including those that Rent Cars for self-drive in Uganda can be allowed to operate beyond 7pm but not so late as long as their vehicles are legally licensed and registered for tourism purposes. While driving past curfew time, you can find a number of road blocks where Police has a right to pull you over for some few questions.

Yes, we all hear police is your friend and it is ideally what it is supposed to be. But this could be a different story once caught driving past curfew time. Most encounters of motorists with the Police at such times do not always turn out well. Again, avoiding the police once they pull you over may not be the best way to stay safe. It is therefore important to know what to and not to do so as to reduce the chances of a causality to the barest minimum!

Don’t Ignore their call

Even though there are no barriers on the road block to force stop you, once you are pulled over simply abide. The police is on the road doing their job and a clean conscience mind has nothing to be afraid of so don’t make them think otherwise. Be a law abiding driver and stop. Ignoring their command to stop can be considered an offense and the bigger you force them go lengths to figure it out, the bigger the gravity of aftermath.

It is better for your time to be wasted than for you to get hurt.

Don’t take your hands out of sight

Whenever you put hands away from the sight of any police man, there is a possibility for him to think you are reaching out for something harmful, so please keep the hands in their proper sight. Remember these road blocks have different types of security officers from traffic police, normal police, ever equipped military police to army men. Some have the no nonsense Local defense Unit – ‘LDU’s’ officers. You never know that any of them can think of you while trying to take your hands out of their sight.

It is hands that people use to do actions, you might be acting on impulse to reach for something that is not harmful, and get yourself hurt for nothing. If they are on the steering wheel, hold them onto there. Simply talk to them. It is a good idea on to try to bring anything to Police until they ask for something.

Don’t panic and Stick to your words

This simply not to lie to them. We all lie for various reasons but it is better to do so if you are to stick your original story. Though lying does not automatically make you a criminal, it can show that you are hiding something. Some times panicking can lead you say words you weren’t meant to say. It is better to Say things as they are. The confidence and calmness you exude will make them let you go in peace.

Keep away from Arguments

If you have ever been close to a Ugandan police officer you will conclude with me that they are one of the most short tempered people among those you have ever met. Arguing with armed men is not a wise idea. Therefore, you should always watch your tone when talking to them. Try to keep it low and calm. When you are in the wrong, try to plead for forgiveness since these lads need respect at all times.

However, don’t just act like a fool and accept everything they say when it is not the truth but instead of raising your voice and arguing, keep calm and gently pass your message across.

Don’t charge at them

This goes hand in hand with arguing with Police. If you know you are in the right but they are driving you to feel a criminal, try to keep the temper.

Yes wee all get upset and tempers arise but there are limits to everything. No matter how annoying an officer of the law might seem, you have no right to charge at him. Some even reach an extent of getting out of the car and charge at officer. Please, don’t the line as this could make them react in strange ways. Just calm in your car as abide to what they tell you whether it is parking aside.

Abryanz Allegedly Slapped by Hotel Manager


Fashionista, Abyanz was involved in a scuffle with hotel manager over the weekend, this website can confirm. Sources tell us that he was one of the celebrities who flocked Serena Hotel Kigo to celebrate singer Spice Diana’s birthday.
However, to Abryanz this will be one of his worst experiences and a reason he won’t attend any parties anymore. Dressed in all black, the famous designer had his shirt- collar rudely pulled from behind by the hotel manager.
‘He was queuing up for lunch with his plate only to be pulled by the manager who mistook him for a street kid gate crashing on the party ‘ said a blogger on site.
Other sources at the same event have it that he was actually slapped by the hotel manager. Luckily, he never retaliated and retreated only to be consoled by BFF Judith Heard.
On whether he will press charges against the manager, Abryanz instead asked for time to think about it.

Uganda Cranes Coach Guilty of Sexual Offences


Uganda coach Milutin Sredojevic has been found guilty two counts of sexual assault, in Gqeberha.
He was sentenced to 3 years imprisonment, suspended for 5 years
It is alleged that he inappropriately touched a 39 year old woman at the Wolfson Stadium

Best Cars for Self-Drive in Uganda

Africa Car Rental

Renting a car to take on a self-drive road trip has become so trending globally. And what can make one trip so memorable is to have that best car for self-drive in Uganda. In Uganda there are several cars that one can choose to take for that dreamt self-drive road trip, there is nothing that empowers than one having that freedom to seat behind the wheels of the car rental and dictate where to drive. As most of the travelers have decided to go rent a car to have freedom and privacy on their safaris. There wider range of thing to consider taking on your self-drive safari all over the country.

Before embarking on renting a car in Uganda it’s so important to understand various car fleets available to rent in Uganda. Considering the purpose for your trip, let it be business, research, charity, or adventure, there are fleets fitting each purpose which range from the 2wd, to 4×4. That also range with different travelers class of Luxury, Mid-range to Budget travelers. When considering recommendable best cars for self-drive for safari in Uganda are as listed below.

Toyota RAV4

For trekkers roving on a relaxed budget but opting to rent a car for self-drive should consider renting a 4X4 RAV4. This is suitable for solo travelers and also can accommodate up to passengers, though its simplicity but it can cruise even into the hard remotest roads of the countryside. Its fuel consumption is very low not constraining one’s pockets, its one opening for economy travelers and can reserve some dollars in the pocket.

Toyota Land Cruiser TX

This also accommodate economy class, it’s one of the stronger among the best cars for self-drive in Uganda. Toyota land cruiser TX can accommodate up to 4 passengers and it comfort is guaranteed, the vehicle has 5 doors with bigger boot to accommodate quit a number of luggage. Relatively the vehicle rates are affordable very accommodative for the midrange guests and very capable to cruise through the very hard routes in the country.

Toyota Land Cruiser V8

One of the best cars for self-drive to rent when considering a luxury trip. The vehicle is very comfortable to use with luxury interior which can accommodate up to 5 passengers. The kind of this 4×4 car model can accommodative to a family of less than 5, has enough cargo space for and guaranteed air conditioning system and the vehicle is designed to cater for luxurious travelers.

Toyota Land Cruiser Hard Top

The hard top land cruiser is customized for African adventures as they can drive to hardest point of any country. This car model is always available for both luxury and midrange travelers, the car accommodate up to 8 passengers. Before renting this hard top land cruiser safari car should note that most of the companies here them with their driver and you must inquirer to know if can be offered for a self-drive road trip.

Safari Vans

The vehicles offered can include super customs/ Toyota Hiace/ drones/ are all available for the purpose. These are comfortable for a group of about 10 people, the 4×4 safari van is best fitting for people who are planning to travel in a group. This kind of model is designed is various ways to accommodate luxury and economy travelers. It’s important also to know if the car hire company can offer the vehicle for self-drive as those kinds customized for luxury are sometimes hired with a driver.

5 Best Things to Do in Kampala

Kampala Sightseeing Bus

Have you ever gone on a city tour before? Do you want to experience something unique while on a city tour in Kampala? Well, Kampala is undeniably Uganda’s most vibrant capital city with more than a million people. It features not only as the busiest commercial center but also one of the fast thriving urban centers in Africa.

Originally, this stunning city featured seven remarkable hills near Lake Victoria but today nearly all its 22 mighty hills have been developed in one way or another given the ever growing population and high demand for settlement areas. Kampala is popular as a city that never sleeps and  it also derived its name from word ‘impalas’ that existed way back in the 19th century on the old Kampala hill. If you love city tours, worry less because Kampala is an excellent tourist city center on its own kind. You can also get a rental car in Uganda to get easily around Kampala. It features a variety of exciting things for you to participate in while on tour whether shopping, visiting the historical sites, experiencing Kampala nightlife or explore more about cultures in Buganda.

Below are the 5 best things that you can choose to do in Kampala

Visiting the Kabaka’s palace

Located in Mengo, the Kabaka’s palace comes with two big palaces. The main palace is found in Bulange and this makes Mengo area one of most remarkable sites that are worth exploring while on Kampala city tours. It comes with unique history, architecture and also offers the best views of Bulange hill. The Kabaka’s palace is the official capital of the Buganda kingdom and different events are conducted in this area. The colonial power of the palace holds too much history of Buganda’s ancient Kingdoms.

Sightseeing in Kampala

Kampala is exceptionally one of the best city centers in Africa with the excellent sightseeing tours that you shouldn’t miss out while on Uganda safari. To get the best from sightseeing in Kampala, visit the Kasubi tomb site and this is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites that reward visitors with authentic cultural experience. It is culturally and historically recognized as a burial site for Buganda Kings and the four Buganda Kings were also buried in the same place. Other sites include Uganda National Museum, Gaddafi National Mosque, Nommo art gallery, the national theatre and many more.

Visiting religious sites

For faith tourists, there is no need to worry about which places to visit for faith tourism. The incredible religious sites for you to visit in Kampala include the Rubanga cathedral which is situated within one of the stunning hills in Kampala. It is famous for its memorials of the first African catholic bishop who was martyred for introducing Catholicism to Uganda.  This is also the headquarters of Catholic Church in Uganda. You can also pay a visit to the Baha’i temple which features as the only Baha’i temple in the whole of Africa. It comes in stunning domed cathedral on Kikaya hill off the Gayaza road as well as gardens and some birds like brown parrot, palm nut vulture, pied crow, black and white casqued hornbill, hadada ibis, double toothed barbet, speckled mouse bird, laughing dove, blue spotted wood dove, ring necked dove, black kite, great blue Turaco, woodland kingfishers, stripped kingfisher, scarlet chested sunbird, fort tailed drongo, ruppels long tailed starling, red billed fire finch and many more. Gaddafi mosque is another area that you should consider visiting for the excellent views of Kampala as a whole. The mosque is spectacular on its own way and visitors can walk around while taking photos. It was established by the former Libya leader Colonel Gaddafi and it is the biggest in Kampala. You can pay a visit to Uganda Martyrs shrine in Namugongo and explore more about faith tourism and those who were murdered for denouncing the Kings powers at a time. The shrine is situated about 15 kilometers east of city centre along Jinja road. It from this place that about 14 out of 22 Uganda martyrs sacrificed their lives to Christ on the orders of King Mwanga in 1886 when they refused denounce their Christianity. The site has become an incredible tourist attraction and thousands of pilgrims from different region gather here every year on 3rd June to pay pilgrimage in this area.

Visiting the Kabakas Lake

Kabakas Lake is the largest man made water body in Uganda. It is situated in Ndeeba Rubaga division about 5 kilometers from Kampala cit centre. The Lake extends up to 2 kilometers and it is 200 feet deep. It was dug by 52 clans of Buganda from 1885 to 1888 at the time of Ssekabaka Mwanga. This was mainly constructed with the intention of creating a channel that would enable the king to travel by boat to Lake Victoria, for swimming, fishing as well as act as an escape route.

Visit the craft markets

Kampala also offers you a chance to purchase some of its incredible craft products whether for decoration or for gifts. The biggest craft market in Kampala is situated along Buganda road, central Kampala and it is ever open seven days.

In conclusion, Kampala is not only the busiest commercial center but also an incredible tourist site that is worth paying a visit. If you love city tours, then Kampala capital city is the best choice that you should make for you to explore variety of outstanding attractions while on Uganda safari.

Can Someone Else Drive My Rental Car?

Usage of Rental Car

Do you plan to rent a car for a safari in Uganda and you wish to get along with another person or wondering if is possible for another person to drive it? For any plans to rent a car in Uganda and you have any need for additional driver then first, you have to consider a number of things prior taking that decision. In the first case, you need to ask yourself one question that what happens if someone else drives the car rental and then it collides with another? This is not what everyone wishes to get into but anything can happen and that is why you need to be very keen.

Perhaps you plan to set off for long drive, it is something very important that you share the load with some other person. Normally, it only one of you can be the main driver and adding extra driver is fairly simple. In some instances, one can have about 3 other drivers in a car or even more. Usually, there is a daily fee per extra driver but you might be lucky and find a special deal online for one or more free other drivers. This means that is a good deal to cross check with other different companies too.

The main driver per say is that person who is legally responsible for the vehicle and who signs the contract what is termed to us the rental agreement. In other words, he or she is the one who made the booking. Whereas the additional driver may depend on a car hire agency-generally, rules about age limits and driving license are the same as those of the main driver. In most cases, any driver is required to be 21 years and must have a full driving license for about 2 years. In the similar way, there are rules that do apply when it comes to young driver fees and senior driver fees just like it is a case with the main driver.

How best you can add an additional driver

Depending on which car Hire Company you deal with, at times you can add other drivers when you book online or when you get to the car rental company’s counter. However, you may not pay for them till the actual pick up of the vehicle. For any extra driver, you need to be at the counter during car pick up. You will also need to have a passport and driving license. It is only the main drivers to sign the rental agreement though the names and other details of extra drivers will be added too. The cost for extra driver can be per day.

For cases where you need to add an extra driver once you started rental car, you may need to let the car rental agency aware and find out if it is possible to do so. In case this is possible then the main driver and the other driver must go to the counter to show their driving licenses as well as passports and pay any fees if applicable.

However, there are 2 potential issues when it comes to this-first it is breach of contract-the fact that you are breaking the rental agreement as the car owner can end up in court for any damages. On the other hand, the insurance-where all cars used on public roads must carry at minimum, the third party insurance. That said, it is usually the driver’s name that is insured, the driver doesn’t have any insurance. On other note, your own insurance policy should also cover damage to your car rental even when someone else is driving it.

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