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Uganda, nicknamed the pearl of Africa is ranked as one of the top best travel destination in Africa, which is still not fully exploited.  Uganda shelters a half of the world’s Mountain Gorilla population in its forests which attract an incredible number of adventure enthusiasts for trekking. Uganda is a nation that is full of many wonders but still not yet exploited, including varied bird life, wildlife, nature, mountains, culture, friendly people and many others.

Kidepo valley national park
This is found in the right corner of Uganda and it is apparently the most isolated national park but still stands out to be one of the best unexplored places any traveller can ever visit in Uganda. Kidepo valley national park is undoubtedly among the best wilderness areas in Africa, accommodating a handful of elusive species of wildlife that cannot be seen anywhere in Uganda parks and it is right at the core of a savannah landscape next to a few mountains.

Apart from the unique wildlife safari experience, kidepo valley is a great spot for an experiential cultural treat especially to those who would like to see the native Karamojong and the Ik who live in the isolated slopes of Morungule Mountains. The other exciting tourism Activities in the wilderness of this park include nature walks, birding, scenery viewing and hiking.

This park is a true gem with abundance of wildlife and it remains a true rendition of tourism in Uganda but remains unknown to many.  Currently kidepo valley national park hosts over 75 mammal species and 470 bird species and all these fall in the prime game viewing location. Kidepo valley national park was named the third best national park in Africa and this park is definitely a must visit for any traveler to Uganda

Bwindi Impenetrable national park is found in the western arm of the Great Rift Valley in the south western direction of Uganda and it is one of the few forests in Africa which flourished throughout the last ice age. Bwindi harbours more than half of the total mountain gorilla population in the world, even though it is not yet fully explored by the travelers, it is the Uganda’s leading and also main Gorilla safari destination.

Looking into their charming beautiful brown large eyes of these giant peaceful shy creatures is undeniably the most fascinating unforgettable Uganda wildlife safari encounter which Bwindi has to offer with the extensive biodiversity which as well supports the eco-tourism industry. Bwindi Impenetrable national park has over 90 mammal species of which 11 are primates, including the prominent black and white colobus monkey, baboons, and other monkey species making Bwindi a thriving Uganda wildlife safari spot.

Besides that, Bwindi has 23 greatly localized bird species endemic to the Albertine rift making it the finest bird watching destination in Uganda. Some of the other tourist activities in Bwindi include; bird watching, nature walks, gorilla trekking, river munyanga walk, community walks, Batwa cultural encounter and many others. The voyage to Bwindi is quite long especially when traveling by road but definitely worth it after experiencing a close encounter with the mountain gorillas in the natural habitat.

Lake Mburo national park
This is the smallest national park in Uganda and its land is covered with dense acacia woodland. This park is the leading Uganda safari destination for people interested in viewing the huge eland antelopes, buffaloes, zebras, impala and Topis. Lake Mburo’s unique bird species affiliated to acacia includes the elusive shoebill stork and it has attractive landscape with grassy hills and spectacular lake shores with forest galleries, valleys rich with acacia trees, seasonal and permanent swamps which are habitats to a diversity of wildlife.

The park has 5 lakes and they are home to crocodiles, hippos, and a diversity of water birds and its border swamps are a great hideout for mysterious papyrus associated species of animals like the sitatunga antelopes and the black or yellow papyrus Gonolek. Even though it is the tiny savannah national park in the pearl of Africa, it combines habitats with dry hillsides, forests, rocky outcrops, open and wooded savannah, bushes and thickets which will certainly offer a memorable impression to all the visitors.

Other popular destinations to explore in Uganda include Mgahinga gorilla national park, Kibale national park, Semuliki national park, Murchison falls national park and the soft spoken Rwenzori mountains national park, offering unmatched experiences to travellers.



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