Gorillas Are Peaceful and Worthy Visiting

Mountain Gorilla

Gorillas are the dominant primate in ape species. They are found in Uganda, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Central African Republic, Congo Brazzaville among others. The major trekking destinations include Bwindi Forest and Mgahinga national park of Uganda as well as the Virunga national Park of DR Congo and Volcanoes National park of Rwanda among others.

Gorillas are believed to be violent only when disturbed or when they detect enermity. They do not initiate fights but defend themselves against danger.  Gorillas move in groups which are led by mature male called silver back.  They are humble but become violent when attacked.

Gorilla trekking is known to be the major tourist activity in any country where gorillas are found. Gorillas earn a lot of foreign exchange – in Rwanda, the Gorilla permit cost US$ 1500, Uganda at US$ 600 among others.

Meeting these beautiful creatures on a gorilla trek in their natural habitat is a life time which everyone should enjoy before death.  That is why the number of visitors moving for Gorilla trekking increase every day amidst high trekking cost/ expensive Gorilla permits, Air tickets, visas and accommodation costs among others.

Looking into the eyes of the Gorillas is memorable. Meeting gorillas in their natural environment enable trekkers to take photos and films up close. Such photos can be uploaded on websites, bill boards and so on hence promoting business.

Gorillas themselves are entertaining or dramatic to amuse trekkers. Gorillas are found jumping from one tree to another to entertain visitors.

Gorillas are intelligent and are capable of using tools like sticks, stones and so on in their routine work. They can slow stones to the enemy, can use sticks to get fruits from trees, they can also build nests to sleep in.

They nurture their young ones just like human beings. The young ones are trained how to jump, climb, hunt, feed, run and so on. They do it to prepare them face future challenges.

Gorillas are among the rare primates which are found in few countries on African continent. They are unique and visiting them is a life time event which every human being should do before going for eternal life.

Gorillas stay in the wild and they stay in groups for security reasons and they fight in groups. Gorillas do not what anybody to challenge them so; trekkers are advised to remain humble when they visit the gentle giants.

Gorillas also communicate amongst themselves and they use different communication sounds in different circumstances. When attacked they make different sound from that when they land on the plenty sources of food.

Gorillas are treasured to extent of being treated by expert primatologist doctors -well known internationally. That testifies why Gorillas are worth visit!

Would you like to learn more about gorilla trekking, checkout the gorilla trekking guide for more information, tips and advice.


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