All About The Stone That Smashed Museveni’s Bullet Proof Car

President Museveni Car Smashed in Arua
President Museveni’s car was smashed badly by the opposition supporters in Arua. The stones that some have called the Biblical David’s Stone that Killed Goliath have attracted lots of writers who have tried to do scientific research on their compositions. According to the results of the scientific study, here are some of the things you need to know about the stone that was thrown at the President’s convoy and ended up smashing the “bullet proof” car in Arua.
1. The stone is made of vibranium and it was believed to have been stolen from Wakanda around the same time Parliament voted to lift the Presidential age limit. Initial reports show that the stone had been smuggled out of the country but found its way back in through an arms dealer who sold it to the people of Arua District.
2. It is a smart stone. The stone was programmed by T’challa’s sister, Shuri, who has a genius level intellect. According to Wikipedia, the stone is able to do something other than simply follow its given trajectory, such as turning, changing speed or sending data.
3. The stone disappears after a successful hit and cannot be traced. In the earlier times, the stone would be found at the intended target but not anymore, new technology allows the stone to escape from the crime scene. Explains why Uganda Police was not able to find the said bullet.
4. The stone is believed to have the power to annihilate and obliterate anything within a 4-metre radius. It can only be countered if the target is also made out of Vibranium and this probably explains why the stone only shattered the glass which was made with only 5% vibranium.
5. The kinetic energy in the stone was used to charge the vehicle and it is believed that the car will now be able to move for 30 years without fuel.
6. The stone can expand up to 500 times its size and the ancient mythology believes it was the stone that was used to cover the tomb of Jesus after he was killed by the Romans.
For more information, please find me at the Constitutional Square near the KCCA toilet.


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