Museveni Graced By Empty Seats on Visit to Sironko Landslide Victims


The president of Uganda Yoweri Museveni is today expected to visit landslide victims in Bufupa Sub County in Sironko district. The president was expected to arrive at the venue around mid-day but news coming in indicates that empty seats are readily waiting for him.

It’s not clearly understood why people have so far failed to turn out at the venue to welcome the president, though some credible sources reveal that most people in the region decided to boycott Museveni’s visit thinking that the event is political.

However, there was a 30 minutes fight along Mutufu road Boda Boda stage, one bodaboda rider who was dressed in yellow T-shirt with Museveni’s portrait was attacked by fellow bodaboda men who never wanted him to park his yellow decorated motorcycle near them.


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