Way In Which You Can Save Money On Wedding Transport in Uganda


Majority of people may wish to wed but unfortunately the cost attached to bridal vehicles and others is ideally high and a handful of people can afford them. For any one who is planning to wed soon, there is need for you to pay keen attention on which means of transportation to use to make your special day memorable. When it comes to weddings, one needs to have strict budget no matter what your total cash. Most importantly, know what your pockets can accommodate and for you to ensure that you live within your means, you will need to look out for crucial ways in which you can easily cut down costs for bridal cars but still in a stylish way and we have provided for you some of the criteria in which you can save some money on your wedding day.

Use the bus

If you can not afford classic bridal cars, you may opt for a bus but this doesn’t mean that you get a local bus into city center. There are buses that allow you to live within your budget and yet you still be looked at as classic and stylish during your special day. With buses, you can cut down costs rather than renting more than two (2) or even three (3) bridal cars and also reduces challenges when it comes to looking for parking space for very many cars. Using a bus can help you accommodate all your guests at once.

Minicabs and taxis

For those of you who are interested in making your day remarkable but you are not in position to rent a vintage vehicle for you and your parents, your groom, best man and bridesmaids, simply rent one incredible vehicle for you to take pictures with and the rest of wedding guests can come in a little and yet incredible minicabs or be simply be driven by friends and family to and fro.  If you have friends and family members with cars, they can come along with some visitors and at end of the day, you would have saved a lot more that can help you cover other expenses. There are very many local cab agencies that provide stylishly new vehicles for you to make your day remarkable. You may even request them to decorate the cab within your own wedding car decorations for the trip plus your own flowers.


You can also use your bikes

In case you are planning to wed and the venue is near, it would be better to stay environmentally friendly and save several lives by simply embarking on your own bikes. It might seem challenging but it is one way for you to save. Simply decorate the bicycles with flowers and ribbons or rather pearls and ensure that you invest in a tandem which you can use for longer period of time. For brides who live next to wedding party and reception venue, you can go traditional-walk to the wedding with your bridal party plus the all visitors following you from behind. You will certainly be amazed by incredible pictures.

Know the season

Like any event, if you are planning for wedding day, knowing when to book a car is ideally something of great value as this can help you cut down the costs. If you are booking for bridal cars during low season, you may land in a 50 percent discount compared to when you book a car during high season. In case you plan your wedding day to be around Christmas time, it is advisable that you make reservations as early as possible prior the hike in prices and demand.

In corporate your bridal vehicle and honeymoon

For those of you who are planning to get married outside, you can save some money by simply combining your bridal car and the honeymoon as one package.

In conclusion, for those of you who are planning to wed this season, the above tips are of great value to you and we believe that you will have the most remarkable and memorable day in your life. For further guidance and simply contact our receptionist and we shall be help you as soon as possible.


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