Ideal Dining Spots for Travelers in Kampala

Restaurants in Kampala

Uganda currently boasts some of the most amazing eateries in East Africa that offer an excellent culinary options for all tastes and favorable budgets. Ugandan chefs are capable of preparing cuisines that will make you lick your lips at the first taste.

Today, we bring you the top ideal restaurants for travelers in Kampala.

Kampala Serena’s Pearl of Africa Restaurant

The restaurant is strategically located on the first floor of the Kampala Serena Hotel, with magnificent views over the water gardens. The pearl of Africa restaurant is a fine dining experience like no other!!

The restaurant offers an intuitive fusion of menu choices, featuring international, national and regional cuisines.

It also offers an elegant niche seating, a more relaxed outdoor terrace where fountains play, its own exclusive private dining room and an intimate yet relaxed central dining room, centered on a raised piano dais where a resident pianist plays every night.

The Explorer Restaurant at Kampala Serena Hotel

Just like The Pearl of Africa restaurant, Explorer Restaurants is also located at Uganda’s five star hotel, Kampala Serena Hotel, but this one on the Ground Floor.

It is an Italian Bistro that offers a uniquely off-beat tribute to Africa’s early explorers. Replicating a jungle engulfed ruined city, The Explorer Restaurant is reminiscent of a scene from ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’.

The warmly welcoming bistro features an exterior water garden with ponds and bridges inside, with a bar that offers a wide range of wines, beers and spirits.

The Explorer’s cuisine features the very best if Italy, so be sure to enjoy excellent Italian food which is well-presented and deliciously prepared by their top chefs.

Sheraton Hotel Kampala’s Seven Seas Restaurant

The best thing with the Seven Seas Restaurant is its strategic location. The restaurant is located in the center of the Kampala city at the Serena Hotel. Their menu also caters for seafood, pasta and steak cravings plus chefs recommendations that can be prepared to your personal taste.

Sheraton Hotel Kampala's Seven Seas Restaurant
Seven Seas Restaurant

From Dorado, Mackerel to Lobsters, crabs and octopus accompanied with your choice of specialty sauces. This is a place where one can dine every night of the week and find a differently themed food variety alongside swift service.

The food is fresh, well prepared by highly skilled chefs and displayed as a buffet on a quality point. The environment is also perfect for meetings and lunch catch-ups with friends, whilst access to Hotel facilities including the swimming pool, gym, bar among others.

Nyanja and Lake Terrace Restaurants at Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort

The Nyanja and Lake Terrace Restaurants are both located at the Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort and one is an outdoor extension of the other.

Nyanja Restaurant

The Nyanja Restaurant serves a multi-cuisine and wellness menu 24 hours a day. It provides an ample space for a group of people to experience a culinary journey together.

Apart from the exquisite food and beverages, Nyanja is a gateway to an informal, natural ambiance that is accentuated by its outdoor extension of Lake Terrace.

Lake Terrace Restaurant

This is the restaurant to encounter the best culinary experience combined with warm ambience, offering multi-cuisine and wellness menus throughout the day.

Lake Terrace is surrounded by well-kept gardens and the soothing waters of Lake Victoria. Borrowing from the freshness, and characterized by the ambience of its outdoor and heavenly setting, everything at the restaurant from recipes and ingredients to meals makes a fabulous experience.

Le Chateau Brasserie Belge Restaurant in Gaba

Le Chateau Brasserie Belge Restaurant is located on Gaba Road and one of the top places to have a delicious Belgian, European and French Cooked meal in Kampala.

RestaurantThe restaurant proudly offers more than just mouthwatering Belgian and European cuisine for the guests. Enchanting Ambiance, mouthwatering Belgian and European Cuisine of the highest standard coupled with attentive service to deliver a faultless dining experience.

With the creative use of planting and lighting, their attentive staff and an excellent wine list, and the family-owned butchery providing the basis for excellent meat dishes.

Nawab’s Asian Bistro

Nawab restaurant is located on top of the Acacia mall in Kololo popularly known for its specialty in serving Indian and Asian Foods. Nawab’s Asian Bistro offers an incredible view and cool air, being situated on the roof top.

The furniture is cozy making the place stylishly luxurious, with a tastefully decorated restaurant.

Nawab’s Asian Bistro staff is experienced and professional and attentive, while the food is delicious. If you enjoy eating outdoors with great views, this is the place.

All these dining spots are ideal for any traveler whether on a self drive or being driven by a car rental agency such as Car Hire Uganda  during your adventure. Their ample parking lots can accommodate any amount of vehicles of any size at any given time.


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