Thatch Gardens Speaks on Sheeba Karungi’s Disarray in Mbale


The management of Thatch Gardens Mbale has come out to speak on Sheeba’s Karungi’s “Fire in the city” show at the venue which was unfortunately characterised by confusion and fights.

In a statement released on Thatch Garden’s wall, it blames fellow clubs in the region for hiring illicit boys to disorganise its events.

“It’s so Unfortunate!
Some hooligans are just paid to come and disorganise events as it was witnessed last night…
By 10pm, all the artistes from Kampala were at the venue, just waiting for the home talents to get done so that they would go on stage. By Mid night, Topic Kasente from TNS was on stage, after him kabaako followed was all well.. But as kabaako was on stage, we witnessed a heavy down pour of rain, he sung all his songs in rain and eventually left the stage.

At that moment, a lot of people went on the stage to seek for shelter since it was raining heavily, the whole stage was filled up. It was almost breaking down! The owners of the stage started requesting for people to first move off the stage for the safety of their stage and also create space to enable us have the next artiste on stage who was REMA, She was already in the parking, just like Sheebah.

As people were being sent off the stage, they became violent, some started throwing bottles on the stage, hitting one of the Mcees and the Dj, at that time Rema was taken back to the car for her safety, She was scared for her life, the situation was out of hand. Regardless of the fear, Sheebah was a bit more confident, she asked to go on stage first so that Rema follows.. As she was going on stage, Some one threw a bottle that hit her shoulder, but still she insisted, “Nina Okuyimba” with tears in her eyes.

The DJ played her hit song Nkwatako, she stepped on stage, Performed for over 25 minutes, the mood was back to normal, she then invited Rema to join her on stage, They did a back to back three songs session each, this was all going on well but still, a certain hooligan who had a bottle in his hand wanted to throw it at Sheebah, some people tried to stop him, a fight broke up near the stage, at that very moment, Sheebah was like,”Sijakusobola kuyimbila bantu nga balwaana” Together with Rema they stepped off the stage. It was a tough ending to an event that had started on a high note! We highly apologise for all the damages and losses.”


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