Gary Coleman (40) Marries 22 yr Old Babe


Gary Coleman has been keeping his six-month marriage under wraps. The Urban Legend Kampala has learnt that the Different Strokes star wed shannon Price, 22, on a Nevada mountain. ‘Nobody was around but the minister, videographer, photographer, helicopter pilot and us’ the cheeky 40 year old said. Gary Coleman got his big break when he starred in the 80s hit series Diff’rent Strokes that was regularly screened on the former Uganda Televison during the 80s. Gary knew at a young age that he would never be tall. By the time he was just five years old, he had undergone three different operations for a congenital kidney defect known as nephritis.

Because of this disease, he would never grow taller than 4’8″ tall. Being short didn’t stop him from his claim to fame. He appeared in shows and movies such as On the Right Track, Scout’s Honor, and The Kid With the Broken Halo, Dirty Work, and The Gary Coleman Show. The cuteness factor he had as a child slowly faded as he grew older and jobs became hard to come by.

He ended up having to sue his adoptive parents for squandering his fortune he made during the filming of Diff’rent Strokes and from his own production company. Gray turned to drinking heavly as he got more and more stressed and cash striken. He got a job as body guard looking after celebrities cars. In 2003, Gary ran for California Governor, but received a little more than 14,000 votes. Gary continues to get small acting gigs here and there, but nothing as powerful as Diff’rent Strokes.

Urban Legend Kampala wishes you the best Gary!


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